February 1

What’s the ‘Matter’ in our World?

Good morning and welcome back to in-person learning! It was so wonderful to see the students today, not just their heads with cool backgrounds, or minion avatars 😉

Today we will be launching our final Science task for our Matter unit, which will be an integrated project with Language Arts. Students will be exploring some real-world examples of changes in matter, and how those changes can have both positive and negative implications for our environment.

This will be a chance for students to demonstrate their understanding of physical and chemical changes, research skills (including writing a bibliography), media literacy knowledge, and oral presentation skills. In addition to doing their own research, both classes will also be watching the documentary, David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet. If you have not yet seen this film (it’s on Netflix) I highly recommend it.

Although this will be an in-class assignment, please talk to your children about their work. Have a look at our slides and what is required of them. Over the next few weeks, here are some things you can discuss at the dinner table:

  • What issue have you chosen to explore for your science project?
  • What have you learned so far?
  • Did you know that…. (and share some of your own knowledge with them)
  • If you come across any articles that you think would be interesting to them, or our class, feel free to comment with the link below.

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1 thoughts on “What’s the ‘Matter’ in our World?

  1. Bianca

    I think melting ice caps are really important to me because I don’t want any seals, polar bears or walruses to die.:(
    They are all so cute!:)
    I love this project and i think everyone in our class likes it, too.
    I think this project is a really good idea because
    You can be creative and it can make everyone else awhere
    of the problem.


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