September 23

5B – Back school night

Hello Grade 5B families,

Please see below the Grade 5B General studies video. This is the detailed, extended version of my recording which gives a little more information. The shorter version I will share tonight in our Back to School virtual meeting.

Please see the below slides document from Morah Ofra detailing the 5B Hebrew curriculum and protocols

Thank you and hopefully ‘see’ you tonight!

Miss Mellenthin and Morah Ofra


June 27

I wish my Grade Five students a Wonderful, Healthy Summer

Shalom Yeladim,

schools out

Hard to believe that this year is over. I had a pleasure teaching you grade 5 students in the last few months and must say that this has been a wonderful but also a very challenging time. 

Distance Learning was challenging but at the same time it brought us closer together despite the physical distance. I am glad that I had a chance to see you a few days ago at the entrance to your home and I hope that this coming September we can all go back to class. I wish you a healthy, joyful summer and can’t wait to see you in 3D.

Attached please see a list of resources to help you continue to progress in Hebrew:

Cartoon to help with basic Hebrew reading     (Basic Hebrew reading exercises) 

TeachMeHebrew      Terrific site full of Hebrew grammar exercises, songs, dialogs and more. 

  Hebrew by Nemo    Excellent App with the most essential words and phrases in Hebrew 

Short Videos in Hebrew        Movie Trailers Dubbed in Hebrew

 Hebrew 101                    Videos to teach Hebrew and free podcast lessons

Sending you a big, loving hug,

Morah Ruthie



May 8


Shalom Kitah Hey!!!

I hope you had fun with your Grandparents this morning.

We will continue with our Virtual Siddur.  If you have already completed with your group, Baruch She’amar, please start recording the Ashrei.

Don’t forget, to explain what the Ashrei is about in your recording.

Helpful links:

Ashrei Link

Looking forward to YOUR AWESOME videos.




April 27

Women of Israel

Shalom Grade 5,

I hope you all had a wonderful Shabbat. I am proud of all of you for writing letters to Holocaust Survivors!  You are all modeling our North Stars: Being Responsible For One Another.

This week we will memorialize our Heros (Israeli Soldiers) on Tuesday and Celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut with the world on Wednesday.

Today, I would like all of you to watch this video about Women of Israel (Zionism). When you finish we will play a fun Kahoot about these amazing women.  Women of Zionism

Have a wonderful day.




April 20

Impacting Holocaust Survivors Today

Especially now, we can make an impact with  Survivors.  If you feel comfortable please read all 6  Holocaust Survivor (see attachments below) bios.  If you have time it would be wonderful if you are able to write a personal letter to each one of them.  I understand you many cut and paste a part of your letter but after reading the different biographies, I hope you will comment on their personal stories. (Suggestions:  talk about your family, what you did over Pesach, hobbies, share what life is like at home, and please ASK them questions as well as Advice). Please use one google doc for all 6 survivors.

If you do not feel comfortable, please write to different letters to the residents of the Lodge.

The idea of this assignment is our North Star – being responsible for one another.

Due end of class Friday,  April 24. When you finish writing the letters, please watch some of the episodes of the Anne Frank Diaries Online:  Do you feel any connection after watching some of the videos?  (Since the subject is the Holocaust, if you do not feel comfortable watching an Anne Frank Video, please write a journal entry, how you felt during Pesach vacation).


Vera Schiff bio

Rose Lipszyc bio

Gershon Willinger bio

Eva Meisels bio

Elly Gotz bio

Edith Gelbard bio

January 23

Vocabulary test

On Friday, February 7th grade 5 Hebrew class will have a test on the Winter vocabulary that we have been learning. Students will have to complete sentences with vocabulary words from a word bank. I encourage my students to review the vocabulary every so often at home.


January 14

New Hebrew Vocabulary


Last week our grade 5 students started a new unit in Hebrew called:” חורף בישראל” (Winter in Israel). We are learning about the weather in Israel during the winter, the changes in nature (animals, vegetation) and of course human adaptation during the winter. After learning about winter in Israel, students will have to prepare their own booklets about winter in Canada. We will conclude the unit by comparing and contrasting the winter in Israel to the winter in Canada.

I am attaching the list of the new vocabulary and encourage my grade 5 students to go over the words at home.

Morah Ruthie

December 19

Students Hebrew presentations about Hanukah

This week the students presented Hebrew presentations to our class about Hanukah customs.
Each presentation covered a portion of what we learned about Hanukah. The presentations answered questions such as What is a Kosher Hanukiah? What are the blessings we bless on the first day and all the days afterwards? When should we light the candles? Where do we place the Hannukiah? and Why? for how long should the candles burn? What are the traditional foods? What were the miracles? Who were the Maccabees? What do we celebrate?… and more.

Most students presented in Hebrew, reading texts they made. Students also shared their favourite Hanukah songs with the class.

A big Kol HaKavod to the class, for making presentations in Hebrew! and for an excellent understanding of Hanukah customs.

Dr. Sagy