April 12

What is Freedom for me? A student guest post by starielle

Freedom (פסח Addition)

Recap of פסח

A long long time ago, בני ישראל were slaves in מצרים. They had an EVIL ruler and his name was פרעה. He made the Jews suffer. The Jews prayed to ‘ה. Hashem sent a helper משה to try to convince פרעה to let his people go! He said No. And that is when the 10 מכות hit מצרים. All of the plagues hit the Egyptians and not the Jews. Blood, Frogs, Lice, Wild animals, Cows, and goats and more will die, Boils, Hail that was fire, Locust, Darkness and the worst plagues DEATH OF THE FIRST BORN SON! The evil ruler פרעה kept saying no until his son died. The Jews quickly escaped. Their bread didn’t have time to rise so it turned into מצה. 


What does Freedom mean nowadays?

Freedom, a thing the world really needs. Freedom, what does it mean? Is it when people have to flee, or can they live happily? What does freedom really mean? To the world not just for me?


Freedom is when someone gets to live happily. Nobody is a slave. Nobody needs to pretend to be someone they aren’t. People who are aloud to believe what they want to. Everyone is kind to one another. No one is held hostages. You don’t have to worry about being killed from war. You can live a happy life. Freedom means a bunch of different things to people, but to me freedom means to live a happy life.


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4 thoughts on “What is Freedom for me? A student guest post by starielle

  1. melissathompson

    You have shared some beautiful thoughts about freedom Starielle. I agree with you that freedom today should mean that people feel comfortable to live their lives free from hatred simply for being their happy self! I hope you will write another guest blog post soon 🙂

  2. shaynas1

    While reading this post, I was struck by its significance. Freedom is a crucial topic, and your writing was detailed, thoughtful, imaginative, and well-organized. Fantastic guest post, Starielle. Keep up the excellent work!

  3. danielv18

    Guest Student, I like your blogpost, I think it was very nice, and I like that you added everyone should be able to think what they think.

    What do you think it takes to do that, guest? All the happiness, no pain or war, no hostages, What do you think it takes for everyone to just be happy? (thats something to think about isn’t it?)

    -Scales 207 (daniel)

  4. noag18

    I love your style of work. When will you get around to writing a book? Because I would surely buy it!

    Amazing job as always,


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