March 31

An Impressive Innovation Day!

Congratulations to the Grade 5 students on their amazing Innovation Day projects! Using the design thinking framework, the students answered the question: How can we provide electricity to community outdoor spaces in an energy efficient way that still maintains the safety and “fun” aesthetic of the space?

Here is a sneak peak of the projects, please visit the student blogfolios to see more about these amazing projects!



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March 27

Innovation Day- Wednesday, March 29th

This is a reminder that this week is our Innovation Day. If you were hoping to come by to see your child’s project, the 5 – 8 projects will be on display for parents from 3 – 4pm this Wednesday (March 29th) in the gymnasium.

The class has been hard at work on their energy projects and students are either now finished or putting the finishing touches on their work before Wednesday.

We hope to see you there!

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March 1

What’s the ‘Matter’ in Our World

We finished up our final Science task for our Matter unit, which was an integrated project with Language Arts. Students explored some real-world examples of changes in matter, and how those changes can have both positive and negative implications for our environment.

Students demonstrated their understanding of physical and chemical changes, research skills (including writing a bibliography), media literacy knowledge, and oral presentation skills.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the projects. Please take a look at the student blogs for the full projects!

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December 19

Scientists in the School

We had a great time learning about Matter this morning! We looked at different properties and characteristics we can observe when mixing different materials. The instructor commended the Grade 5s on their ability to follow directions and ask meaningful questions.

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December 6

2 Hours of Code!

We were so lucky to participate in 2 ‘Hour of Code’ workshops over the last two weeks. We worked with the kind folks from Accenture to go through some basic algorithms using block code.

Our second workshop, was led by Bryan L. Miller, Sr. Director of Global Strategic Outreach. He guided students through a mini-lesson on computer science, shared how the Blockly platform works with their Virtual Dash robot and did a mini activity.


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November 25

What’s Next?

Here is a glimpse into what the grade 5’s will be working on in Term 2 in General Studies!

Language Arts 

-Finish Wonder 

-Book Club (student choice in books, in class and homework) 

-Story Elements (theme, setting, figurative language, dialogue) 

-Short Stories (paragraphs, punctuating dialogue, plot, point of view) 

-Reflecting on Writing 




– Facts 12 x 12 and 144/12

– 2-digit x 2-digit

– Divide 3-digit by 2-digit

– Variables as a term

– Multiply and divide decimals by powers of 10 (and decimals)


Financial Literacy 

– (Identify) and describe money transfer between individuals, organizations and businesses

– Total cost with tax

– Design sample budgets to manage finances for various earning and spending scenarios

– Explain credit and debt and describe how financial decisions may be impacted by each

– Calculate unit rates for various goods and services to determine best value

– Describe different types of taxes collected by different levels of government, and explain how tox revenue is used to provide services in the community



Matter and Energy 

-Relating Science and Technology to Our Changing World 

-Properties of and Changes in Matter 

Relating Science and Technology in our Changing World 

-Forces Acting on Structures

November 7

Human Body Quiz- Monday, November 14th

Good afternoon Grade 5!

We will be having a science quiz next Monday on the three systems we have learned thus far: Digestive System, Respiratory System, and Circulatory System.

There is a lot of information to review, which is why you will also be given some in class time to study.

Here is the digital version of the quiz outline and study guide. Add in the dates that work for your schedule and check them off as you’re done!

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October 28

Bottle Cap Design

Today we started a cross-curricular project to design and persuade Coca-Cola buyers why they should buy our product. After learning more about an initiative that took place in Asia to repurpose bottle caps, the students have begun planning and designing their own Coca-Cola bottle cap. The students are using a digital design tool, Tinkercad, to create and 3D print their design. Some students have decided to use other means to create their prototype. When they are happy with their design, they will use their persuasive writing skills to convince the buyer why their bottle cap design is amazing and can help save the environment! 


October 21

A successful Global Maker Day!

We had an AMAZING day of designing, planning and building. Students either picked a challenge or came up with their own challenge to complete throughout the day. From boats to tiny houses, to rockets, protective food packaging, and more- there was so much “making” on #GlobalMakerDay!


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October 6

Global Maker Day- Coming Soon!

We need your recycled goods!

We are beginning to collect items for the OJCS Global maker day, October 20th. We are looking for any cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, paint stir sticks, popsicle sticks, plastic tubs,  yogurt pots, sour cream tubs, etc. Any items that help with our creativity. 

Thank you for your continued support!

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