April 5

Public Speaking 2021

Hello, Grade 5 families!

Students will be coming home with their speech writing work packs for public speaking. In Grade 5, most of the written work is completed as homework with submissions dates for teacher feedback on each section. In class, writing workshops will be held to remind students of writing hooks, interesting openers, persuasive writing tools and impactful conclusions. There is also helpful writing tips and tricks worksheets in the above document.

Students will also have opportunities to check in with their class teacher ensuring everyone is on track with writing deadlines and to discuss feedback.

Writing the speech is only half of the task…presenting their speech to a kind (yet critical!) audience is also really helpful. Please encourage your child to read their speech out loud and offer feedback. If you’re unavailable, ask your child to record themselves! You can listen later plus your child gets to see themselves and begin to make adjustments independently.

Check out this awesome speech by a 10-year girl, looking at not only the words but the non-verbal cues and these amazing Tedtalks showcasing the use of anecdotes.

Please reach out to Miss. Mellenthin, if you have any questions or queries regarding this writing project.




March 23

Innovation Day 2021!

Hello, Grade 5 Families,

We are so excited to invite you into our classroom (virtually, of course!) to explore our innovation creations! We based our Innovation Day around our Science unit of Energy, looking specifically at renewable sources of energy. Using project-based learning, students were given a ‘problem to solve’. Students had to incorporate renewable energy sources into a park, first empathizing with how and why parks should use renewable energy then collaborating and cooperating to build a model of this park. Students used a variety of tools to develop their idea from Minecraft, to Scratch to Floorplanner 3D and even, old fashioned building! Please see their creative journey develop below and their individual projects on their blog sites.

April 27

Women of Israel

Shalom Grade 5,

I hope you all had a wonderful Shabbat. I am proud of all of you for writing letters to Holocaust Survivors!  You are all modeling our North Stars: Being Responsible For One Another.

This week we will memorialize our Heros (Israeli Soldiers) on Tuesday and Celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut with the world on Wednesday.

Today, I would like all of you to watch this video about Women of Israel (Zionism). When you finish we will play a fun Kahoot about these amazing women.  Women of Zionism

Have a wonderful day.




March 22

Grade 5 Core French lundi, le 23 mars

We are continuing to build our Time Line cards. I am available to help- just message me.

Today you will research for the creation of 5 cards .  You can use anything that has significance for your card in the time frame that I state.

On 1 side there is the date. On the other side write 1 sentence describing your card in French from your understanding of the specific time  frames indicated.

For example:  La date des Incas: Le soleil est très importante.

  1. In the time of the Incas.
  2. In the time of Samuel De Champlain.
  3. In the time of M. Guillotine.
  4. In the time of the first telephone.
  5. In the time of the first steam train travel in Canada.


Once finished you can watch this video:


March 17

Grade 5 core French le 18 mars Chanson/vidéo/paroles=lyrics

Unscramble theses lyrics from the beginning: be ready to share orally in next live class.

This first part is talking.

siècle 16ème le

coins 4 de des l’Europe

gigantesques partent  conquête de à la voiliers

navires a des bord ces de hommes

rêve d’aventure avides de et d’espace


This part is singing

soleil enfants du

la terre, le ciel parcours tu

chemin cherches ton

ta c’est vie, ton c’est destin