March 22

Grade 5 Core French lundi, le 23 mars

We are continuing to build our Time Line cards. I am available to help- just message me.

Today you will research for the creation of 5 cards .  You can use anything that has significance for your card in the time frame that I state.

On 1 side there is the date. On the other side write 1 sentence describing your card in French from your understanding of the specific time  frames indicated.

For example:  La date des Incas: Le soleil est très importante.

  1. In the time of the Incas.
  2. In the time of Samuel De Champlain.
  3. In the time of M. Guillotine.
  4. In the time of the first telephone.
  5. In the time of the first steam train travel in Canada.


Once finished you can watch this video:

March 17

Grade 5 core French le 18 mars Chanson/vidéo/paroles=lyrics

Unscramble theses lyrics from the beginning: be ready to share orally in next live class.

This first part is talking.

siècle 16ème le

coins 4 de des l’Europe

gigantesques partent  conquête de à la voiliers

navires a des bord ces de hommes

rêve d’aventure avides de et d’espace


This part is singing

soleil enfants du

la terre, le ciel parcours tu

chemin cherches ton

ta c’est vie, ton c’est destin

January 26

Marking scheme for Gr 5 Core French Minecraft Building project – les prepositions.

Please note the following criteria for marking the verbal Minecraft Project using prepositions.

  1.  2 marks =You present in front of the class and say your name. Plus- ‘voici mon centre communautaire’ or ‘mon école
  2. 15 marks = The following 10 prepositions  and the use of il y a will be used in complete sentences describing your building .

sur = on

sous = under

dans = in

devant = in front of

avant = before

entre = in between

pour = for

derrière = behind

vers = towards

à côté de= beside

3. 3 marks =You present on Tuesday-NO LATER.

Mme Jones.

November 18

“אֵיפֹה אֲנִי אוֹהֵב לִקְרֹא עִבְרִית בַּבַּיִת?” – “Where do I like to read Hebrew at home?”

English will follow at the end
לְשִׁעוּרֵי בַּיִת לְיוֹם שֵׁנִי הַבָּא, בְּבַקָּשָׁה לְצַלָּם בַּבַּיִת סֶרֶט:
“אֵיפֹה אֲנִי אוֹהֵב לִקְרֹא עִבְרִית?”.
הינה הקישור
בְּסֶרֶט צָרִיךְ לְדַבֵּר בְּעִבְרִית, לְצַלֵּם אֶת הַמָּקוֹם וּלְסַפֵּר לָמָּה אוֹהֲבִים אוֹתוֹ.מִשְׁפָּטִים שֶׁיְּכוֹלִים לַעֲזֹר לְהָכִין אֶת הַסִּרְטוֹן:
1. כָּאן אֲנִי אוֹהֵב לִקְרֹא
2. בַּמָּקוֹם הָזָה נֹחַ לִי לִקְרֹא בִּגְלַל ש…
3. אֲנִי עַכְשָׁו קוֹרֵא…
4. אַחַר-כָּךְ אֲנִי רוֹצֶה לְהַחֲלִיף סֵפֶר וְלִקְרֹא…

ד”ר שגיא
For Hebrew homework for next Monday (November 25) please record a video at home on Flipgrid:
“Where do I like to read Hebrew at home?”
This is the link to the flipgrid:
The video should be in Hebrew, sentences that can be good starters:
Here I like to read.
This place is comfortable for me because … 
At the moment I am reading …
Later, the next book I would like to read is …
Dr. Sagy
October 28

A Full Week Full of Events!

Tomorrow, Tuesday October 29, we will be taking school photos. Please remember to wear your white uniform shirt!

geralt / Pixabay


Friday, November 1, is our first Grade 5 Family Kabbalat Shabbat at 2:30 pm in the chapel. We hope you will be able to come.

RJA1988 / Pixabay

Friday is also our first early Friday dismissal. The school day ends at 3:00 pm. Then, on Friday November 8, we move to our 2:00 pm Friday dismissals.