March 1

1st of March

Hello All,

Innovation Day preparations have started. Both classes are well under way in conceiving and drawing up plans.

Each group will be responsible to gather the components for their prototypes, including a tri-fold poster board. Innovation Day is March 20th.


Early Shabbat Dismissal concludes at 3:00 PM on Friday, March 8 th.

Ruach is coming March 25-28th.

February 16

Feb Break

Hello All,

We hope your break is full of joy and happiness.

The grade 5s have had a great run up to the break with a multitude of activities and learning experiences.

A recap: Report Cards, Conferences, Winter Fun Day, Rosh Chodesh Adar, JDAIM, Reading Buddies and so on.

Both classes participated in JDAIM by creating information stations that they researched set up and then shared with the grade 3 class.


Both the grade 5s and JK love reading buddies!

In Science, we continue to explore matter and matters of the world. After the break we will focus on preparation for Innovation Day taking place on March 20.

Math is progressing with work on whole numbers, decimals and soon fractions. The students enjoyed counting money.

In English, they have been working through the steps of a persuasive essay writing.

Winter Fun Day



January 23


Hello All,

We hit the ground running a few weeks ago and we are finally settling down.

In General Studies we had much to review and we had two unit tests. Well done, to all!

We did take time to get our hands dirty in the making of oobleck. Is it a solid or is it a liquid?

Tests went home and I ask that parents have a look and please send them back in with your child.


Dress Down this Friday Jan 26th.

Reports Cards coming home next week!

Feb 15 – Winter Fun Day! Consent Forms went home last week, I need them return soon for booking numbers. Thanks ahead of time!

December 15

Last Stretch of 2023…

Hello All!

I hope your Hanukkah celebrations went well.

The grade 5s got up to many, many different things since our last post.

In Math, the 5B class worked through math in a vast variety of ways as learning and review for the unit soon into the new year.

All grade 5 students were excited about their trip to the book fair and many purchased new reading materials. As a class we continued to read for pleasure once or twice a week and are back with class readings of Wonder. 

Our latest field trip took us to the Canadian Museum or History where the grade 5 and 4 classes were able to explore the early North American Civilizations and Indigenous peoples galleries. In both Social Studies and Études Sociales the museum helped cover much of what we have been studying in class.

I LOVE MAPS! Please check out their blogs for what they found new, informative, or exciting from the museum.

In Science, 5 B after making their clay models of neurons, they worked on their coordination and reflex times. Next week are putting on an experiment, where the two classes must come up with a scientific plan and hypothesis to see if older students have better reflexes or adapt to learning faster than younger students.

Next steps in science will be a unit test early in the new year.

Reminders: PJ Day is Friday Dec 22.

December 3

December and Snow

Has your house started smelling like oil yet? I was trying new recipes for latkes this weekend.

Taking a poll — sour cream or apple sauce?

The grade 5 classes had a pretty busy week. On Tuesday we asked Dr. Mitzmacher to speak about the Current Events we are all thinking about, the students had lots of questions.


In Science, 5 A created clay neurons to study the parts that provide signals along our nervous system. 5B is set to build this week.

In 5A Science, we also worked on engaging the signals from our brain to our fingers. Each student had a chance to test their reaction time or “their reflexes.”  In pairs one student held a 30 cm ruler just above the open hand of another student. The student responsible for dropping the ruler would say ‘I will drop this ruler within the next 5 seconds.’  The second student would have to react and catch the ruler, measuring on the ruler each time as repeated 5 times. With this experiment the students have decided that practice was key to reacting faster.

In Math, Ms Cleveland and I set up a multi-station math walk. Where students got to use mental math and use the math tools they have been developing.

5 A worked on mental math to solve how much volume an unmarked mayonnaise jar had. They used a standard soda, coffee mug and then proving their theory with a marked 1 litre water bottle. The students also worked on number problems determining what didn’t belong. Yes, water, water every where, none was fit to drink…


All students worked on their personal SMART Goals and are updating their blogs with how they are working toward those goals.

Reminders: Rally Monday

Tuesday – Dec 5 Book Fair

Heads-up – Dec 12. – Grade 5 and grade 4 will embark on a Indigenous Social Studies inspired field trip to the Canadian Museum of History. Info coming home soon.

November 24

Nov Coming to an End

Good Afternoon All,

Shabbat Shalom,

What a GREAT way to end the week off!

Bowling under neon and dancing to the tunes. We had an incredible turnout with some out of class socializing.

In Science, both classes have almost finished all veggie presentations.


Most students have submitted their short stories and I am very proud of them challenging themselves to develop character traits and create dialog through an eventful story line… amongst other writing requirements.

In math we played with real-word algebra problems and real money calculations.

Reminders: Thursday Nov 30 Dress Down Day

For Social Studies – Tuesday Nov 28 – Dr. Mitzmacher will be our guest speaker with a talk on current events.

November 17


Hello All,

Busy week for all here in grade 5.

In Math, all students attempted to test their abilities through the Beaver Challenge!

Results will come out in a few weeks. We are moving through algebra, by learning definitions, concepts and solving problems. There was some homework sent home for those who did not finish in class. Please return by Tuesday.

In English, many of the students have finished their creative story and are now peer reviewing another students work and sharing positive critiques.

Science presentations are almost completed and the students have shown great interest in some of the vegetables they eat. The key concept was, if it’s green then steam, if it comes from the soil – boil… Stay tuned for dates with the up-coming science test on the topic of the human body.

Social studies students went back to the basics this week in reading and responding. Students used a graphic organizer to compare different aspects of Indigenous life before 1700. We hope to produce our finishing touches on our longhouse models next week.

November 13

Week of Nov 13th

Hello All,

Sorry for not posting on Friday! I did not plan the day well for working on the blog but focused on classes and the set up of the Remembrance Day assembly.

This week in math we had our math quiz and results will be given to students during class today.

We continue on expressions and equation solving.

Check the homework board this week as new homework will be coming home.

In ELA, we are at the peer review stages of our creative writing and the hope to have some stories posted on blogs by Friday.

This blog will be updated as the week goes on.



November 10

Escape Room-Fall

This week, as part of our fall unit, we wrapped up with an exciting twist  Escape Room! The students thoroughly enjoyed it, which was a fun way to showcase their skills that were learned in this topic. This activity required students to use their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in a fun and engaging way. It was a pleasure to witness students working collaboratively, having fun and also learning.