April 12

Parents: All Aboard!

(Originally posted on my professional blog. Copied here to share the excitement. If you haven’t already signed the permission form, please do so!)

At this point, I’ve dipped my toes in the documenting waters with my students. I’m ready to jump in and launch individual blogfolios. I have to decide:

  • What will the URLs be?
  • What permissions, if any, do I need to get from parents?
  • How will I manage posts and comments?

I spoke with my Head of School to get the school’s perspective. I then spoke with the documenting guru, Silvia Tolisano. She shared her views, which helped guide me towards other educators’ thoughts and experiences.

Combining all this information together, along with my own opinions and knowledge of our parent body, I have written the parent letter below. I wanted to include information about what a blogfolio is, why documenting learning is important, and offer options that fit our school’s needs and meet the parents where they currently are. The hope is that most families will opt to allow their child to have a completely public blog. If parents opt for one of the other options, the hope is that they will eventually change their privacy settings once they, and their child, see the added value of a public-facing blog.

March 29

Scholastic Book Fair!


Next week we will be having our Scholastic Book Fair! We are so excited to get to see all the new and exciting books Scholastic has to offer. This is an amazing opportunity for students to choose their ‘Just Right’ books to read over the Passover Holiday!

Our class will be visiting the fair on Wednesday, April 3, from 2:25 – 3:05. If you would like to buy something then, please remember to bring in some money.

Parents are also encouraged to pop into the book fair before and after school- it opens at 8:00AM and closes at 5:00PM (4:30PM on Friday). During those times you can walk around with your child, maybe even choose a book you’d like to read together. You can also check out the Teacher Wish Lists or make a donation to buy new books for our school. If the weekdays don’t work well for you, feel free to come on in on Sunday April 7, from 12PM to 4PM

Hope to see you all there!

March 27

“Building the city of Jerusalem” – Kita 5 Ivrit

Grade 5 Ivrit students have been learning about Jerusalem; her places, it’s history, the different people that live there and the religions that are practiced in Jerusalem and much more. To conclude the unit and before moving on to learning about Yam Hamelach (the Dead Sea), students were very busy building a small model of Jerusalem. As you can see, the model of Jerusalem turned out beautifully!

March 26

What’s new?

We had an incredible visit from playwright, Emil Sher, yesterday. He came to speak to grades 5-8 about turning Hana’s Suitcase into a play. It was captivating, informative and extremely enjoyable to learn from him. In our ongoing effort to develop our media literacy skills, the grade 5 students helped me tweet out about his visit. We had a pleasant surprise this morning when we checked up on the status of the Tweet! Check out my blog post to see what we found, and what we did with the information!


Our multiplication and division skills have also been improving! We will be having a test next Tuesday, April 2. Here is a link to the test outline. Today, Mr. Kom also helped us with our study skills. He shared this planner with us, which each student has started to fill out for themselves. Depending on each student’s extra-curricular activities and schedules, their planner will look different. Students are encouraged to practice using whichever tools they feel work best for them. As always, extra practice worksheets will be provided in class, students can take the textbook home, they can practice on Prodigy, and they can explore some of the other suggestions made as well.











Here are two videos reviewing the strategies we’ve learned for both multiplication and division.