September 24

We Did It For Terry!

Today the grade 5’s participated in the Terry Fox run! Thanks to everyone who brought in money to help support the cause. We enjoyed discussions, activities and most importantly the run together.

Here is a link to how my family contributes to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation every year. This annual event, Fight for the Cure was created and is put on by my brothers.

September 20

Happy Monday!

Hello Grade 5’s and families!

Though our time together has been short, it has definitely been sweet! In our time together, the grade 5’s have been working hard, following our rules and procedures and building a strong community. We start our week with a community circle, which allows students a safe space to share roses, thorns and buds. The grade 5’s have been mature and accepting and even offer their classmates some ways to deal with their thorns. I’ve been really impressed with the positive attitudes and genuine kindness of this group!

I am in the process of updating the blog with our schedule, routines and procedures. Parents/guardians, if you would like to speak with me about your child before parent teacher interviews- I am taking until October to get to know your children better. In early October, I am happy to schedule discussions.

I am very excited about the year ahead with your children and families!

Ms. W

September 16

First Nations Vocabulary List – L’Arctique

Here is your first list of vocabulary words which were extracted from a reading passage on the Arctic First Nations (Les Inuits). Although we will be learning and practicing these words in class, I highly recommend that you study them on your own. Some of you have started creating study flashcards which I will ask you to take home when you’re done. This way, you can practice your new vocabulary words for homework. Try to spend a minimum of 15 minutes daily on French.


September 11

Homework Idea # 1

Would you like to earn stickers in Madame Sylvie’s class while learning French? Prepare answering the questions in the question bank on your own time. When you’re ready, ask Mme Sylvie to ask you a question. If you get it right, you get a sticker. 15 stickers = a prize. NO FOOD ITEMS!!!!