June 14


We were thrilled to have special guest judge, Mrs. Laderoute, join us for the public speaking contest. This added an extra layer of excitement and expertise to the event. We couldn’t be more proud of all the participants who showcased their courage and delivered outstanding speeches, proving their strong skills in both writing and oral presentations.

On the top of the podium we have…


  1. Raisa
  2. Lily
  3. Sadie


  1. Coby
  2. Kayla
  3. Noa

Congratulations to our winners!!


April 19

Public Speaking 2023

Hello, Grade 5 families!

Students have now started their digital copy of their speech writing work packs for public speaking. In this package you can find the due dates for each part of the writing process. In Grade 5, most of the written work is completed in class with submissions dates for teacher feedback on each section. In class, we will also have writing workshops to remind students of writing hooks, interesting openers, persuasive writing tools and impactful conclusions.

Students will also have opportunities to check in with myself, ensuring everyone is on track with writing deadlines and to discuss feedback.

Writing the speech is only half of the task…presenting their speech to a kind (yet critical!) audience is also really helpful. Please encourage your child to read their speech out loud and offer feedback. If you’re unavailable, ask your child to record themselves! You can listen later plus your child gets to see themselves and begin to make adjustments independently.

Check out this awesome speech by a 10-year girl, looking at not only the words but the non-verbal cues and these amazing Tedtalks showcasing the use of anecdotes.

There will be more information to follow about the structure of the public speaking finals.

Please reach out to Ms. Whitteker, if you have any questions or queries regarding this writing project.

March 9

Book Club!

Today marks the launch of Book Clubs (or literature circles) in Grade 5. We book-talked 4 different books:

From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

Holes by Louis Sachar

I am David by Anne Holm

After hearing a short description of each book, students filled out a form and ranked the books they wanted to read. Based on their choices, they have been divided into groups, all of them getting either their first or second choice of book to read.

Here’s how it will work:

Students will have 4 weeks to read their book. With their groups, they’ll decided on weekly reading goals. Each week, in addition to reading, they will also have a “job” to prepare for their group discussion. These will be based on the section they read that week. This is all to be done AT HOME as homework. Other than meeting discussions, students will not have class time to work on this.

As an example, their schedule may look something like the one below. As you can see from this picture, the top schedule outlines what everyone in the group is doing and when. The bottom chart is each student’s INDIVIDUAL schedule that says what they need to read, and what job they need to complete. They only need to complete the sheet in their folder that matches the job they are doing that week. So in week 1, as the Figurative Language Finder, I would only need to fill out the sheet titled – Week 1 – Figurative Language Finder. If they are unsure how to complete their job, students can refer back to the first pages of the package where the requirements are explained in detail. The other Week 1 sheets will be completed in class when we meet in groups for discussion.

Here is the student work package that is found in their duotangs.

Book Club will take place every FRIDAY, so it is important that students bring their books and duotangs, with all their work completed, for FRIDAY’s class for the next 4 weeks. If there is no school on the Friday, it is expected to be completedthe last day of school before the weekend.

Happy Reading 🙂

November 25

What’s Next?

Here is a glimpse into what the grade 5’s will be working on in Term 2 in General Studies!

Language Arts 

-Finish Wonder 

-Book Club (student choice in books, in class and homework) 

-Story Elements (theme, setting, figurative language, dialogue) 

-Short Stories (paragraphs, punctuating dialogue, plot, point of view) 

-Reflecting on Writing 




– Facts 12 x 12 and 144/12

– 2-digit x 2-digit

– Divide 3-digit by 2-digit

– Variables as a term

– Multiply and divide decimals by powers of 10 (and decimals)


Financial Literacy 

– (Identify) and describe money transfer between individuals, organizations and businesses

– Total cost with tax

– Design sample budgets to manage finances for various earning and spending scenarios

– Explain credit and debt and describe how financial decisions may be impacted by each

– Calculate unit rates for various goods and services to determine best value

– Describe different types of taxes collected by different levels of government, and explain how tox revenue is used to provide services in the community



Matter and Energy 

-Relating Science and Technology to Our Changing World 

-Properties of and Changes in Matter 

Relating Science and Technology in our Changing World 

-Forces Acting on Structures

October 28

Bottle Cap Design

Today we started a cross-curricular project to design and persuade Coca-Cola buyers why they should buy our product. After learning more about an initiative that took place in Asia to repurpose bottle caps, the students have begun planning and designing their own Coca-Cola bottle cap. The students are using a digital design tool, Tinkercad, to create and 3D print their design. Some students have decided to use other means to create their prototype. When they are happy with their design, they will use their persuasive writing skills to convince the buyer why their bottle cap design is amazing and can help save the environment! 


September 16

Novel Study, Current Units and Upcoming Events

Next week we’ll be diving into our first novel study. We will be starting the year with a beautiful story of kindness and how it isn’t easy to step outside of our comfort zones. Wonder by R.J. Palacio is rich with themes such as anti-bullying and having compassion, acceptance, and empathy for others.  

Students will use this book for both in class and homework activities over the next month. Our novel study will include discussions on chapter summaries and open ended questions, short quizzes, vocabulary, video journals and a variety of other activities. We will end the unit with a final creative project in which the students create their own interpretation of the novel. This will be a student directed project, giving the students ownership over their culminating task for this novel. 

Other Information

Current Working Units:

Math: Number Sense 

Science: Life Systems 

Social Studies: Heritage and Identity: Interactions of Indigenous Peoples and Europeans prior to 1713, in what would eventually become Canada 

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 21st 7:00 pm- Back to School Night (in person) 

Friday, September 23rd- Terry Fox Run (more information to follow) 

Friday, September 30th- Orange Shirt Day

May 25

Book Club Part 3!

This week we are starting our final book club for the school year. The format of this book club is different than the last. How it will work:

-All the students are reading the same book, Hoot

-On the first day of the week, the students will receive chapter numbers and instructions for the activities that week

-Reading and activities are due on the Friday, unless told differently

-Instructions and due dates can be found on the homework board

-Students should bring their book and work package to school everyday (they will sometimes be given class time to read/work)