September 8

Marie-Josée’s Core 5

– March Vocab Check-in –

– March Homework –

Projet de recherche indépendant – Biographie – DUE March 28th.

– February Vocab Check-in –

– February Homework –

Song Link:

– January Homework –

– Heads up! Verb Test on January 31st –

Make sure you can conjugate à l’indicatif du présent de verbs Être, Avoir, Faire, Aller and Venir.

You will not have cheat sheets or other reference materials – but we’ll be doing practice tests every few days to help prepare!


– December AND January Vocab Check-In –

– November Homework –

– November Vocab Check-in –

– October Comprehension Check-in –

– October Homework –

Want to use the Memorial Day song we’re learning for this homework? Sure thing! Here are the lyrics, and the video to help you practice!


– Review and Practice! –



– October Dictée #1 –


– September Homework –

Remember, these are just guidelines!

Don’t stress – try to have some fun with it!

If you’re still worried, send me a message or talk to me and we’ll make some changes! 🙂

You get to choose: Write a blog post OR Make a video!