January 23

Vocabulary test

On Friday, February 7th grade 5 Hebrew class will have a test on the Winter vocabulary that we have been learning. Students will have to complete sentences with vocabulary words from a word bank. I encourage my students to review the vocabulary every so often at home.


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January 14

New Hebrew Vocabulary


Last week our grade 5 students started a new unit in Hebrew called:” חורף בישראל” (Winter in Israel). We are learning about the weather in Israel during the winter, the changes in nature (animals, vegetation) and of course human adaptation during the winter. After learning about winter in Israel, students will have to prepare their own booklets about winter in Canada. We will conclude the unit by comparing and contrasting the winter in Israel to the winter in Canada.

I am attaching the list of the new vocabulary and encourage my grade 5 students to go over the words at home.

Morah Ruthie

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