October 3

Sukkah Hop!

What a great morning we had today at school! Students participated in Sukkah Hop activities all around the school. We took part in a Sukkot trivia game while creating our own edible Sukkah, shook the Lulav in the school Sukkah, danced to Israeli music, and enjoyed a JNF activity. It was an amazing morning, and it was heartwarming to see how much fun the students had while participating in these activities!

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September 14

2nd Week of 2023-2024

Hello all grade 5 students and parents,

I am happy to publish my first ever OJCS blog post.

In some subjects, homework has started; however, for the near future it will be mostly what cannot

be finished by individuals in class.

We have an early dismissal tomorrow and Back-to-School night next Tuesday.

I hope to maintain this as much as possible


September 7

Setting goals for the new academic year inspired by Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! 

We started our year with a powerful message from the Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! In our class, we’ve used this story to inspire our students to set their own goals for the year ahead.We discussed its message, and then asked each student to create their own academic and personal goals for the year, and how to overcome challenges. The results were inspiring, they’ve taken ownership of their success, understanding that they’re the captains of their educational journey. Throughout the year, we’ll revisit these goals, celebrate milestones, and provide guidance.

שנה טובה!



September 4

בְּרוּכִים הַבָּאִים לְכִתָּה ה’

Dear Grade 5 students,


I’m very excited to welcome you back tomorrow and get to know each of you. I have already posted our first weekly plan for the week,you can find access to our planner under the name “Weekly Slides – כִּתָּה ה’ שֶׁל הַמּוֹרָה מָרִינָה.”I have added a bookmark on our Grade 5 blog so that you can quickly access our schedule. On our planner, you can also find additional resources, the Digital Library, Parshat Vayetze (our Parsha of the year), and more. You will receive further instructions tomorrow in class. 


בְּהַצְלָחָה לְכֻלָּם,


הַמּוֹרָה מָרִינָה