September 28

Terry Fox Run!

We were so lucky to hear from Joel Werier, an orthopedic cancer surgeon and sarcoma researcher prior to the run. He reminded us how important it is to raise money for charities like The Terry Fox foundation. With the funds raised,  the way people are treated for osteosarcoma has radically improved. Joel gave us even more motivation to run for Terry!

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September 16

Novel Study, Current Units and Upcoming Events

Next week we’ll be diving into our first novel study. We will be starting the year with a beautiful story of kindness and how it isn’t easy to step outside of our comfort zones. Wonder by R.J. Palacio is rich with themes such as anti-bullying and having compassion, acceptance, and empathy for others.  

Students will use this book for both in class and homework activities over the next month. Our novel study will include discussions on chapter summaries and open ended questions, short quizzes, vocabulary, video journals and a variety of other activities. We will end the unit with a final creative project in which the students create their own interpretation of the novel. This will be a student directed project, giving the students ownership over their culminating task for this novel. 

Other Information

Current Working Units:

Math: Number Sense 

Science: Life Systems 

Social Studies: Heritage and Identity: Interactions of Indigenous Peoples and Europeans prior to 1713, in what would eventually become Canada 

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 21st 7:00 pm- Back to School Night (in person) 

Friday, September 23rd- Terry Fox Run (more information to follow) 

Friday, September 30th- Orange Shirt Day

September 12

Monday in Grade 5!

Every Monday we start the day with a Monday Meeting. This meeting includes a few things…


Every second week each student has a classroom job. Jobs include a tech manager, lunch manager, clean up crew, paper passer, supply manager and teacher assistant. Later in the year, we will decide on new jobs for the class based on what we see fit.

Building Community Question 

We then discuss a new question every week that allows us to get to know each other and build community. For example, our question today was ‘What is your favorite outdoor activity or game?’

Rose, Thorn & Bud

Students are then welcome to share a rose, thorn and bud from the previous weekend or from another time. A rose is a highlight, a success, or something positive that happened. A thorn is a challenge experienced, or something you can use some support with. A bud is a new idea or something you are looking forward to.

It is a great way to start our day, come together as a group and support each other through the positives and the negatives!

February 6

Hebrew Vocabulary Quiz

!שָׁלוֹם תַּלְמִידִים יְקָרִים


On Thursday Feb.10, we will be having our Vocabulaey quiz on the topic “winter” (חֹרֶף).  The quiz will cover reading comprehension and vocabulary from this topic. I’m adding to this post the vocabulary words (were given in class last week) and the preparation worksheet that we will also do in class together-Link.


הַמּוֹרָה מָרִינָה


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November 7

Train station-תַּחֲנַת רַכֶּבֶת

Last week we spent some time learning the vocabulary the we use at the train station as a preparation for our next theme in our Migdalor book. Students put labels in the classroom, practiced their own conversations at the train station using the new vocabulary and on Friday our class turned into “Train station”. Student’s used their learned  vocabulary ,sold tickets and made conversation between each other. Now we are all ready to start the unit with our new acquired vocabulary.


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May 31

Grade 4 & 5 Family Night In

You are invited to Family Night In taking place on June 15th, from 6:30 – 8:30pm. 
The evening will feature guest speaker, Ari Rubenstein, who will share his experiences being deployed to various countries around the world for catastrophes (hurricanes, COVID-19, etc.).
We will also have a talent show, where students, on their own or with their families, can share their amazing hidden talents!  You may see talents from OJCS staff as well, tune in to see! Bonus…anyone who participates in the talent show gets an extra entry into the raffle!
SIGN UP HERE for the Talent Show.
This year, we will be raising money for ‘Kids in Camp’. Please consider making a donation here.
Please RSVP to by June 7th.  
Looking forward to seeing you there!
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