January 16

Multiplication Quiz- Monday, January 23rd

Over the last few weeks the students have been working hard on mastering the Standard Algorithm for multiplication. We will be having a short quiz on Monday, January 23rd, as a check-in before moving on to long division.

Here are some of the strategies we’ve been practicing so far that students have found helpful:


Every student received a review package in their homework this week. They can also access MANY review worksheets here.  IXL continues to be a great place for review, and tasks specifically related to multiplication have been assigned.

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January 13

Multiplication Facts

With a multiplication quiz on the horizon (more information shared on Monday), here are some thoughts and resources about multiplication.

Think About Multiplication

I highly recommend watching this webinar (it’s about an hour long) for some ideas about how you can talk about the facts to help your child learn those trickier ones.

Read About Multiplication

Here are some strategies from the book Math Hacks by Vanessa Vakharia (if you follow the link, there are some suggestions for online sites and games for practice).

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Practice Multiplication

  1. Make Flashcards. This is much better than buying them premade! Writing the facts down is in itself a form of practice. Students can cut the cards, write the multiplication sentence on one side, and the answer on the back.
  2. Math rap songs. For our auditory learners, listening to songs about multiplication and adding a beat to it can be helpful. Students can learn all the newest pop songs by heart…why not their multiplication facts? YouTube has tons of options. You just need to find the one that appeals to you. Here’s a site with 30 fun ideas that play on your musical, artistic, or kinesthetic learning style.
  3. Online multiplication practice. These are a few suggestions but there are TONS to choose from.
    1. https://www.multiplication.com/quiz/multiplication-self-correcting-quizzes
    2. https://www.multiplication.com/games/play/quick-flash-ii
    3. https://www.timestables.com/
    4. https://www.coolmath4kids.com/quizzes/multiplication
    5. https://webmathminute.com/online
  4. Printed practice sheets. I have heaps of practice sheets that students can take home.
  5. Find tricks to help you remember your facts.
  6. Mrs. Cleveland has also created a list on her math blog, to many different useful math practice sites, not only just for multiplication.
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If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you! Happy multiplying!

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December 19

Scientists in the School

We had a great time learning about Matter this morning! We looked at different properties and characteristics we can observe when mixing different materials. The instructor commended the Grade 5s on their ability to follow directions and ask meaningful questions.

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December 13

Understanding hard words

How do we understand hard words when reading a story? 

Last term we spent some time on important strategies, how to understand new vocabulary words when reading a text. This strategy teaches the students  to rely on the content and Shoresh (root letters) to understand the stories they read. 

Shoresh (root letters)– Looking for a small word in a bigger word (words from same family). 

Content– Read the sentence before and after and look for words that you know, rely on the content to understand the meaning of what you read.

We call this strategy Moshe (מ.ש.ה), in Hebrew every letter stands for a different strategy that we use. We call him our helper, the students even drew a character to represent him 🙂 



December 6

2 Hours of Code!

We were so lucky to participate in 2 ‘Hour of Code’ workshops over the last two weeks. We worked with the kind folks from Accenture to go through some basic algorithms using block code.

Our second workshop, was led by Bryan L. Miller, Sr. Director of Global Strategic Outreach. He guided students through a mini-lesson on computer science, shared how the Blockly platform works with their Virtual Dash robot and did a mini activity.


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