April 30

Welcome Back!!!!

Dear students,

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your Passover break, had a chance to relax, and spent some time with your family. Now that we are coming back refreshed and ready for the last part of the year. Before the break, we finished our Train final project. We enjoyed traveling with each of you on your virtual field trips. It’s a good chance now to remind you to visit your classmates’ blogs and comment on each other’s projects. As our unit comes to an end, we will, as always, end it with a quiz where you will have a chance to show your skills in the unit, both vocabulary and reading comprehension. It is a good reminder to check your homework board for scheduled quizzes and assignments.

This week, we are starting a new unit, ‘Restaurant,’ where we will have a chance to explore different types of restaurants, food, and culture. Practice ordering in a restaurant, create new restaurants, and visit each other’s restaurants. This will give us a chance to practice new unit vocabulary and apply it in conversations. This week, we will look deeper into Jacob’s experiences during his time in Haran, exploring the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned.

Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Here is a preview to our next unit:


April 12

What is Freedom for me? A student guest post by starielle

Freedom (פסח Addition)

Recap of פסח

A long long time ago, בני ישראל were slaves in מצרים. They had an EVIL ruler and his name was פרעה. He made the Jews suffer. The Jews prayed to ‘ה. Hashem sent a helper משה to try to convince פרעה to let his people go! He said No. And that is when the 10 מכות hit מצרים. All of the plagues hit the Egyptians and not the Jews. Blood, Frogs, Lice, Wild animals, Cows, and goats and more will die, Boils, Hail that was fire, Locust, Darkness and the worst plagues DEATH OF THE FIRST BORN SON! The evil ruler פרעה kept saying no until his son died. The Jews quickly escaped. Their bread didn’t have time to rise so it turned into מצה. 


What does Freedom mean nowadays?

Freedom, a thing the world really needs. Freedom, what does it mean? Is it when people have to flee, or can they live happily? What does freedom really mean? To the world not just for me?


Freedom is when someone gets to live happily. Nobody is a slave. Nobody needs to pretend to be someone they aren’t. People who are aloud to believe what they want to. Everyone is kind to one another. No one is held hostages. You don’t have to worry about being killed from war. You can live a happy life. Freedom means a bunch of different things to people, but to me freedom means to live a happy life.


  • A student


Passover plateHappy passover

April 10

Work in Progress

Another unit has come to an end. The unit focused on conversations at the train station, purchasing tickets, finding the correct train and its location, and how to manage a conversation and reach different places. In this unit, they learned how to make a conversation, with a focus on language skills ,such as reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Last week, the students began working on a summary project. They started with a virtual tour of Jerusalem, and then they were asked to plan their own virtual tour from one of the cities in Israel. In each city they chose, they had to find three interesting places to visit. Upon arriving at each place, they needed to engage in conversation with people, such as ticket sellers at the train station, museum staff, and people on the street who could help them reach various places in the city. The students are very excited and are investing a lot of effort and dedication into their work.

 More to come…

April 1

פְּרוֹיֵקְט סוֹפִי תַּחֲנַת רַכֶּבֶת-Final project

Dear students

As our train unit comes to an end, we are excited to culminate it with a final project. This project serves as an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding and application of the vocabulary unit in both written work and conversation. With this final project, you will have the chance to showcase the vocabulary and language concepts you have learned in class.

On the project slides you will find the instructions, vocabulary and the rubric of the project.

The Project Due date is Friday April 12, 2024