September 8

First Week of School – Completed!

Well done, everyone, on getting through the first week of school! I know it’s a little rough after having such a nice summer break, but I promise we’re going to have lots of fun this year!

I feel like I’m starting to get to know you all a little better, and I’ve already got plans to make your assignments (yes there are assignments!) lean more to the things you like and are enthusiastic about. So far, you’ve all shown me your reading skills are very good, and you’ve worked together to decipher and translate very well!

Next week, we’ll be starting the DELF program, on top of my activities (yes yes, the Starbucks one is coming, don’t worry!) so I hope you’ll all have a restful weekend and I’ll see you all Monday! Well, unless you’re in aftercare at the JCC, at which point I’ll see you later today!