June 25


It was so amazing driving around yesterday to see all of you! We get to ‘see’ you everyday, but nothing beats a face to face reunion.

I can’t believe the final days are here. I am currently sitting in my classroom, and there is one very important thing missing…YOU!

It has been a year we will all remember. Whenever people ask how it’s been teaching online and working from home, my response is always how lucky I feel to get to continue spending my days with my students. It’s definitely not what we would have envisioned, or even what we would wish for, but in the end, I am so glad I still got to spend the last 3 months with all of you.

Before you go, a few reminders. All parents should find their way to campus at some point on Thursday-Friday, July 2nd-3rd from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM to pick up all your children’s belongings and to drop off anything that belongs to the school (like LIBRARY BOOKS, Math textbooks, any other classroom books you’ve borrowed) at curbside in front of the school.  All desks and lockers will have been emptied, bagged, and labeled and members of the Admin Team will be there to assist.

I hope that over the next 2 months you will do a few things:

  • take a technology break!
  • play outside
  • be kind to yourself
  • be kind to your parents…especially if they are still working!
  • READ!!!
  • breathe
  • relax
  • SMILE!
  • explore
  • Have Fun!

Gonna miss you

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