November 17


Hello All,

Busy week for all here in grade 5.

In Math, all students attempted to test their abilities through the Beaver Challenge!

Results will come out in a few weeks. We are moving through algebra, by learning definitions, concepts and solving problems. There was some homework sent home for those who did not finish in class. Please return by Tuesday.

In English, many of the students have finished their creative story and are now peer reviewing another students work and sharing positive critiques.

Science presentations are almost completed and the students have shown great interest in some of the vegetables they eat. The key concept was, if it’s green then steam, if it comes from the soil – boil… Stay tuned for dates with the up-coming science test on the topic of the human body.

Social studies students went back to the basics this week in reading and responding. Students used a graphic organizer to compare different aspects of Indigenous life before 1700. We hope to produce our finishing touches on our longhouse models next week.

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