June 21

Indigenous People Day – June 21st 2021

We came together as a grade level (5A & 5B) to develop our learning of Indigenous Peoples Day.

It was a reality check to notice how many students were unaware of this day and that in itself is a part of the continued teaching and learning that must go on as non-indigenous groups.

We began with a brief overview, looking at what Indigenous People Day is, why it is celebrated and why there is a need for continued learning and a change in narrative from non-indigenous people. In Grade 5, we took our language Arts lesson as a  learning opportunity to learn about core values teaching of the ‘7 Grandfathers teachings‘ (TO learn more about the 7 grandfather teaching, use used Trival Trading Co, an indigenous website with authentic teaching tools) and how these values are important for all people to live a positive, wholesome life. Students chose one teaching that ‘spoke’ to them the most. Here are some examples:


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