March 20

Becoming Primary Learners

There has been a lot of buzz around the school on documenting learning. As you may or may not be aware, I am part of a cohort of teachers working with Silvia Tolisano, learning and practicing various methods of documenting our own learning as teachers, and the learning of our students. Dr. Mitzmacher has blogged about our experiences, and shared his goals at the Town Hall at the beginning of the year, for all OJCS students to own their own learning (North Star!) and manage personal student blogfolios.

It has become my goal to share what I’ve been learning with my students, to help them understand what an authentic artifact of learning is, how they can capture their own learning and how they can use documentation OF, FOR and AS learning. 


I recently wrote a post on my professional blog about my journey so far. My ultimate goal is for each child in grade 5 this year, to share their learning journey with you – their family and friends. I welcome any and all feedback as we go through this process. Please visit my blog and share your thoughts with me and with your children. I hope you will get as much out of this process as I believe you will, and as I believe your children will!


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3 thoughts on “Becoming Primary Learners

  1. Dr. Jon Mitzmacher

    How do you recommend parents engage with their children about their “learning journeys”? Is there a document or an artifact that students have (co)created that can be shared? Is this a conversation we should be having with our children?

    For parents who want to better understand their children’s learning journeys, what are their next steps?


    1. melissathompson (Post author)

      Great question! Each student has created 3 artifacts at this point, but they have not been put together in one spot yet. This is my next step. I was exploring with the introduction lessons first, but am ready to take the students to the next step. I will definitely be communicating about this with everyone as soon as I have the details worked out. Stay tuned!


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