January 11

Mission: Possible

On Wednesday we had our second session with Mrs. Bertrand and Ms. Levalley to work on our social skills and cooperative engagement with our peers.

First we looked at “blame shifting” and how taking responsibility for our actions is an important step in resolving conflict quickly and maturely.

Ms. Levalley introduced us to the amazing power of “mindsight” where you can look inside your own brain to examine how you’re feeling, and also look into the brains of others to try to empathize with them. By doing this, followed by a final self-reflection, you can ensure that the ways you handle and approach conflict are done with a focus on finding a resolution.

We then put these skills to the test with Mission:Impossible –> Can you get all your teams members across the gym using only a mat and a scooter…without ever touching the floor?

I have to admit, I had NO IDEA how the students would pull this off. However, through perseverance, cooperation, productive listening and team work, all teams successfully made it to the other side!


In grade 5, nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m Possible.



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4 thoughts on “Mission: Possible

  1. Donna Bader

    The students are so creative, using their problem solving skills, and working as a team. I’m very impressed.
    Tali’s Bubbie


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