September 20

Oh Canada!

Social Studies in Grade 5 explores the people and systems that are important to Canada, both in the past and today. In order to know our present, we must also know our past. Therefore, the two major social studies themes this year are Indigenous Peoples of Canada and Government.

This past week we have been refreshing our memories of Canadian provinces and territories. Given all the work we’ve been doing about knowing ourselves as learners, each student will be selecting the study method that will work best for them, and they will also each be creating their own quiz that reflects the type of learner they are.

Here are some resources that can help you as you study. Please comment below with the strategy you intend to use to study or any useful sites you come across that can be helpful to your peers.


Quiz Links:

Click on the correct province

Click on the correct province

Type the names yourself

Drag and drop the province in the correct space


Study tricks:

Mnemonics of provinces

Provinces song