September 25

Homework – September 25

Today the students continued to learn about their own learning styles and make choices that work with their own preferences and needs. As you may have noticed, the school did not buy student agendas this year. However, that doesn’t mean students aren’t responsible for keeping track of their due dates and assignments. Students who prefer to write their work in a book were given one today, and students who prefer to use their device were introduced to Google Keep. I encourage you to ask them about it and add yourself as a collaborator if you’d like to see the work that has been assigned to them.

In keeping with our new Homework Policy (which you’ll hear more about if you are joining us tonight at the Parent Information sessions) students did receive homework tonight, but it was sent to them via their email, as they are all working on different skills.

I’d love your feedback on how you think this system is working or if you need any support with the tech side of things!