February 12

Parshat Yitro-Respecting parents

In the Parsha this week we spent some time talking about two important topics that are connected  to each other, and had a discussion around it:

  1. Yitro advises Moses to appoint a hierarchy of magistrates and judges to assist him in the task of governing and administering justice to the people. How can you Help your parents with house chores, how can we split the work at home between every one who lives in the house?
  2. The ten commandments -Why in the ten commandments we have a separate section for honoring and respecting the parents, why was it not simply written to respect every person?

We summarized it with an activity ,where the students had to write- What should you do to show your parents respect? How can you Help your parents with house chores?




February 6

JNF-Tu Bishvat

Today the Grade 5 students  had the pleasure to learn about the Ariel Sharon park in Israel, which was led by the JNF representative. Ariel Sharon Park is an amazing environmental project, one of the biggest in the world. The park is built on the ‘Hiriya’ , which is formerly a 60 meter high mound of waste. The topic really interested them and they asked a lot of great questions, that we all could learn from.


פארק אריאל שרון: ריאה ירוקה במרכז הארץלוקיישן לצילומים: פארק אריאל שרון - לוקייט



December 13

Understanding hard words

How do we understand hard words when reading a story? 

Last term we spent some time on important strategies, how to understand new vocabulary words when reading a text. This strategy teaches the students  to rely on the content and Shoresh (root letters) to understand the stories they read. 

Shoresh (root letters)– Looking for a small word in a bigger word (words from same family). 

Content– Read the sentence before and after and look for words that you know, rely on the content to understand the meaning of what you read.

We call this strategy Moshe (מ.ש.ה), in Hebrew every letter stands for a different strategy that we use. We call him our helper, the students even drew a character to represent him 🙂 



December 6

Term 1 Recap 5B מסכמים שליש ראשון בעברית

,היי משפחות יקרות

We’ve had an amazing first term in our Jewish Studies class. We’ve gotten to know each other and become a strong community of eager learners who look to support each other while working on the Hebrew language. Here are some highlights from this term:

Unit- Welcome to our Shop 

Students worked on building their own shop using the vocabulary that related to what they were selling. They made an advertisement, had a conversation between the buyer and seller, created a menu of what they sell at the shop and much much more.  This unit allowed them to work on all the Hebrew strands while enjoying working on something they are passionate about.

Unit- All About Me

Students shared all about them both orally and in written form. This unit helped them to work on the vocabulary related to their family, themselves, their interests, etc.


]ewish values, and our OJCS north stars

Working better together and  Being responsible for each other ( כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה)

Students participated in activities that required collaboration to succeed

These are some examples of the wonderful time we had. ( make sure to check with your child to see their own work)














November 25

Fall Escape Room

Yesterday the grade 5A students reviewed what they know about the topic of Fall through an Escape Room. Students were provided with different components that involved Hebrew language skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening, all integrated into the game. Students listened to a song and identified the Fall symbols, and wrote texts about what they like about Fall, and added it to the tree that we have in class. Students also researched and found additional information about the Fall, and practiced new vocabulary through matching games,secret writing and word searches. Students were also required to make a song about Fall using the vocabulary they learned. The students were so engaged and interested to show their knowledge, but the most important thing was that they were having fun!

November 17

Reading Buddies! קוראים בעברית לחברים מהגן

שלום משפחות יקרות,

Today was our second meeting with our SK reading buddies. Last week, the students went to the library to pick from our amazing selection of Hebrew books. They worked hard over the week to prepare for our meeting today. First, they made sure they were confident reading and understanding the story they would share with their buddy. After that, they created an activity that accompanied the book and would be fun for them and their buddy to work on together. Students made their own Hebrew books, colouring pages, crafts and other amazing activities that their buddies were SO excited about! Great job Grade 5s!


February 6

Hebrew Vocabulary Quiz

!שָׁלוֹם תַּלְמִידִים יְקָרִים


On Thursday Feb.10, we will be having our Vocabulaey quiz on the topic “winter” (חֹרֶף).  The quiz will cover reading comprehension and vocabulary from this topic. I’m adding to this post the vocabulary words (were given in class last week) and the preparation worksheet that we will also do in class together-Link.


הַמּוֹרָה מָרִינָה


Bitmoji Image

January 4

Welcome Back January 5th!

Dear Parents,

We look forward to welcoming the students back (virtually) tomorrow! Below you will find brief instructions, expectations and a schedule for the following 3 days. We appreciate that this will be a difficult time for many and we hope to make it as painless and enjoyable for everyone as possible. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to find a solution in a timely manner. We are all in this together!


General Studies:

For the following 3 days, you will not need to print any materials for your child. Your child will be working on a digital platform or will be using lined paper to complete all general studies activities this week. Please make sure that your child has a notebook or loose-leaf paper, pencil and eraser available at the beginning of each day. Please also refer to the rule picture below for some hopeful tips that will set your child up for success. My slides can be found on the page ‘Ms. Whitteker’s Daily Slides’ on the blog each day or through the linked schedule document.

Jewish Studies:

Weekly I will post the link for the weekly slides on the OJCS weekly slides and on the blog. On my first slide there is a link for the google meet. On the second slide I’m going to add all the required printings of the specific week and also all the activities that we did so everyone can check that they submitted all the required work of the week.

Schedule for January 5th-7th (this is a working document and may have changes throughout the week)