April 20

Impacting Holocaust Survivors Today

Especially now, we can make an impact with  Survivors.  If you feel comfortable please read all 6  Holocaust Survivor (see attachments below) bios.  If you have time it would be wonderful if you are able to write a personal letter to each one of them.  I understand you many cut and paste a part of your letter but after reading the different biographies, I hope you will comment on their personal stories. (Suggestions:  talk about your family, what you did over Pesach, hobbies, share what life is like at home, and please ASK them questions as well as Advice). Please use one google doc for all 6 survivors.

If you do not feel comfortable, please write to different letters to the residents of the Lodge.

The idea of this assignment is our North Star – being responsible for one another.

Due end of class Friday,  April 24. When you finish writing the letters, please watch some of the episodes of the Anne Frank Diaries Online:  Do you feel any connection after watching some of the videos?  (Since the subject is the Holocaust, if you do not feel comfortable watching an Anne Frank Video, please write a journal entry, how you felt during Pesach vacation).


Vera Schiff bio

Rose Lipszyc bio

Gershon Willinger bio

Eva Meisels bio

Elly Gotz bio

Edith Gelbard bio

March 6

Reminders for Next Week

Don’t forget that Book Club folders are due on Tuesday. 

Our Math test will be on Wednesday on addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals. More practice sheets will be coming home today – due on Monday

Students must complete their Innovation Day reflection post on their blog – due next Friday. Here is a checklist of everything that needs to be included. Check here for even more detailed instructions. 

The most exciting reminder for next week is that it is Ruach(Spirit) Week! Each day, students are invited to come to school in different costumes!

Monday: Crazy Hat/Hair Day (they should still wear their uniform, but wear a crazy hat or do their hair in a crazy way)

Tuesday: PURIM! Come dressed in your favourite costume

Wednesday: Class Theme Day (our class has chosen “Through the Decades” as our theme. Students should come dressed in any clothing from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or 2000s)

Thursday: Favourite Book/TV/Movie character

Friday: Wear a pair-Bring a pair Pyjama Day (in addition to wearing our pyjamas to school, we are asking students to bring in NEW childrens’ pyjamas that will be donated to charity.

March 3

Homework – March 3 to March 9

  1. Innovation Day is on Thursday 🙂 You’re all welcome to join in our class from 8:45 – 9:25
  2. Book Club notebooks – all worksheets (only your job sheets and the extra class activities for each week) are due next Tuesday.
  3. Math Test on Wednesday March 11 on Addition and Subtraction of whole numbers and decimals. Students will be getting one review sheet (with a few questions) each night this week (starting tomorrow) to ensure they are ready for Wednesday.


January 24

Math Test – January 29

We will be having a Math test on Wednesday, January 29 on Metric Conversion (converting between km, m, cm, mm)  and Elapsed Time.

Students can practice and study through the attached worksheets;

through Prodigy;

on Knowledgehook (class code: ray6563);

or with the textbook (Page 148 #4, Page 149 # 9, 10, 11, Page 150 #1, 2, Page 151 #11, Page 152 #1, Page 153 #11)



December 3

Homework – Dec 3, 2019

  1. Problem of the week – Due Monday Dec 9
  2. Read Wonder until page 234. Here is a recording of the book in case you’d like to listen to the audiobook as you follow in your book (We stopped reading at 4:26:36 in class)
  3. Science quiz tomorrow on the Respiratory System
  4. Mystery Maccabee exchange will happen on December 11

December 2

Blogging Bingo Homework Challenge

We did it! We completed the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge. Hopefully you had a chance to read some of the students’ posts. If not, the joy of blogs is that it’s never too late to go and have a look, since their work is always there 🙂 You can use the menu on the right hand side to find that blog you’d like to read.

Now that the challenge is over, we will be continuing to add to our blogs in school as we complete different tasks. Students will have voice and choice about what they blog about, and what work they include. Some of them will go above and beyond to write about…whatever they want!

For those who want to write more but need a little inspiration, I’ve created this Blogging Bingo Homework Challenge. The tasks on here are completely optional. They will not replace the other homework we get on a weekly basis. But there’s incentive to completing them!

So when you have some extra time, when you want to practice a skill we’ve been working on in school (academic or otherwise), blog about it!

November 26

Homework – November 26

  1. New math Problem of the Week has been given out, due next Monday, Dec. 2
  2. Science quiz – Wednesday Dec 4 on the Respiratory System. More info to come tomorrow.
  3. Wonder – read until page 150 for Monday, Dec 2. Fill in any ideas for your final project on your brainstorming sheet. (the entire book will be completed by December 11 and the project will be worked on IN CLASS. We are only collecting ideas to make the final task easier to complete {Begin with the end in mind })



November 18

Once a Problem Solver, Always a Problem Solver

Call me weird, but I’ve always loved a good multi-step math problem. There’s something about seeing the path from an unknown to a solution that is so rewarding. I know that not everyone shares the same love, but can we agree that problem solving in math helps develop skills for problem solving in real life?

  • listening or reading carefully;
  • making meaning and analyzing;
  • researching and finding more information where there may be gaps;
  • being creative with solutions;
  • communicating our ideas and thoughts to others;
  • making a decision and taking a risk;
  • reevaluating if necessary.

These are all skills that are not unique to math.

And so, this week we will begin our Problem of the Week homework. Every Tuesday, students will come home with a new math word problem. They will not all be getting the same one, as they are all individuals with different skills and subject area that they need to focus on. They will have all week to work on these problems, and should bring them back on the following Monday (or sooner). I’m hopeful that by personalizing the problem to the student, they will be able to solve these problems independently, but it may take some time to find those “just right” problems.


I am going to ask each student to do two things:

  1. Attempt to answer the problem on their own and show all their work.
  2. Give themselves a rating at the bottom of the page according to this scale:

If your child needs support from you to understand what the problem means or how to solve it, and still does not  understand what to do, that would be a level 0.

If your child needs support from you to understand what the problem means or how to solve it, and understands a little, that would be a level 1.

If your child needs support from you to understand what the problem means or how to solve it, but then can solve it independently, that would be a level 2.

If your child can understand the problem on their own and solve it, but can’t completely explain how they know what to do, that would be a level 3.

If your child can understand the problem on their own, solve it on their own, and explain what to do in their own words and why, that would be a level 4.


The reason for the rating scale is to help me ensure students are getting problems that are challenging, yet solvable for them. That is why students do not get the same problems each week. These problems are not meant to be stressful or to bring tears. If a problem is too challenging, it is my job to adjust for the next week. Same goes if a problem is not challenging enough. Students can always leave me a note in addition to their rating.

As we start this new system, I’m asking that you check in and make sure that your children are completing their homework, and giving an honest rating. Your feedback is always welcome!

PS – this will only begin tomorrow, so if you don’t see a problem today…don’t worry!