December 6

Term 1 Recap 5B מסכמים שליש ראשון בעברית

,היי משפחות יקרות

We’ve had an amazing first term in our Jewish Studies class. We’ve gotten to know each other and become a strong community of eager learners who look to support each other while working on the Hebrew language. Here are some highlights from this term:

Unit- Welcome to our Shop 

Students worked on building their own shop using the vocabulary that related to what they were selling. They made an advertisement, had a conversation between the buyer and seller, created a menu of what they sell at the shop and much much more.  This unit allowed them to work on all the Hebrew strands while enjoying working on something they are passionate about.

Unit- All About Me

Students shared all about them both orally and in written form. This unit helped them to work on the vocabulary related to their family, themselves, their interests, etc.


]ewish values, and our OJCS north stars

Working better together and  Being responsible for each other ( כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה)

Students participated in activities that required collaboration to succeed

These are some examples of the wonderful time we had. ( make sure to check with your child to see their own work)














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