April 4

Public Speaking

Hello Grade 5 families!

Students will be coming home with their speech writing work packs for public speaking today. In Grade 5, most of the written work is completed as homework with submission dates for teacher feedback on each section. In class, writing workshops will be held to remind students of writing hooks, interesting openers, persuasive writing tools and impactful conclusions.

Students will also have opportunities to check in with me, ensuring everyone is on track with writing deadlines and to discuss feedback.

Writing the speech is only half of the task…presenting their speech to a kind (yet critical!) audience is also really helpful. Please encourage your child to read their speech out loud and offer feedback. If you’re unavailable, ask your child to record themselves! You can listen later plus your child gets to see themselves and begin to make adjustments independently.

Check out this awesome speech by a 10-year girl, looking at not only the words but the non-verbal cues and these amazing Tedtalks showcasing the use of anecdotes.

The finals in class are planned for May 19th-20th with the Grade 4 and 5 finals planned for the following Friday, May 27th
Thank you in advance for your support with this. Please reach out if you have any questions or queries regarding this writing project.


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