March 18

Reading Strategy – Connecting

According to Adrienne Gear, a proficient reader doesn’t just decode the words on the page, but they engage and interact with the text by:

  • making connections;
  • visualizing;
  • asking questions;
  • making inferences;
  • determining importance;
  • analyzing and synthesizing;
  • monitoring their comprehension;

Each week of our distance learning (and when we get back to school), we will be focusing on a new reading strategy. During DEAR time, you have an activity to complete once you’ve finished your minimum of 20 minutes of reading.


This week we are focusing on CONNECTING.

When we connect with a story, we’re able to make sense of what we’re reading because it brings up memories for us. We may think about people, places and feelings that we associate with those memories.

Comment below with a connection you made after watching this video.

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18 thoughts on “Reading Strategy – Connecting

  1. Miggy

    1.I can relate droping ice cream on my foot and it is no fun!
    2.I also remember when i was really scared that there was somthing under my bed.
    3.I also remember when i put my feet on the seet I get yeled at.

    1. melissathompson (Post author)

      Hi Miggy,
      It sounds like there are some really funny stories behind each of those connections. Would love to hear more tomorrow 🙂

    1. melissathompson (Post author)

      I think lots of grandmothers do that! And grandfathers too 🙂 Sometimes we can make connections even if it’s not exactly as it was in the story. We’ll get into that more tomorrow. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Red Supreme

    I am commenting on number 4, in Twelve Terrible Things,
    When I was 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 I had a meltdown every time I had a haircut. My mother would have to, pretty much drag me into the salon. I would oftenly refuse to come into the building were I would get my haircut.
    That is my connection to Twelve Terrible Things.

    -Red Supreme

    1. melissathompson (Post author)

      Thank you for giving us such a vivid image, Red Supreme. Sounds like this brings up some not so happy memories! How do you feel about hair cuts now?

  3. yossir

    1. I can relate to being afraid that something was under my bed many times.
    2.i can relate to my fiends in London saying are we there yet and the donkey in Shrek.

    1. melissathompson (Post author)

      Hi Yossi,
      You’ve brought up a really important point, that sometimes we make connections to personal experiences, and sometimes what we read reminds of a book or movie we read. We will go into this in more detail tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Audrey

    1. I can relate to dropping my ice cream and feeling so sad and disappointed.
    2. I can relate to a bunch of times were I couldn’t sleep because I was scared something was under my bed.
    3. I can’t relate to feeling really scared at the dentist, because what is so scary about your father.
    4. I can relate to being scared of clowns, because they freak me out.
    5. I can relate to #7 because I’d hate to have everybody in my new class staring at me.
    6. I can relate to long drives. I can’t help myself I need to ask.
    7. I can relate to number 10, because I don’t like heights.

    1. melissathompson (Post author)

      Hi Audrey,
      I think your response to number 3 is my favourite 🙂 I love that you included so many different stories that you were able to relate to. I bet some of these stories and connections are stronger than others. Can’t wait to hear more tomorrow in “class”

  5. mara

    I can relate to number 1. It brings up a lot of memories. one time at Lois and Freema’s my sister dropped ice cream all over me and we got a free one.

    1. melissathompson (Post author)

      I love that you say this brings up a lot of memories, Mara. Hopefully when we read, we connect in many different ways. We’ll talk more about this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  6. ebvoice

    i can relate to almost all of those bad things but it’s to long i will right a blog post about all the thing that hapend on all those taribol things

    1. melissathompson (Post author)

      I can’t wait to read that post, EBVoice. I think you’re right, that most of us can relate to a lot of these experiences. Although they’re “terrible” hopefully some of them bring up memories that make you smile!

  7. Mia

    I can relate to a few of them but I relate to one of them the most.
    Ice cream falling on the floor. Once my family and I went for ice cream. My sister’s ice cream fell down. After she got a new one my brother tripped and fell
    on his stomach. He was on his stomach but his arm was straight up holding his ice cream because he didn’t want it to fall.
    I also agree with Audrey, dentist are not scary.

  8. Joey Sm

    I can relate with 3 of them. The first one is I always am so scared that something is under my bed I say to myself if a put my feet on the ground it will attack me! The second one is that my zaidy sometimes pinches my face. the third one is I was at the mall eating when my dad got his food then I got it then the people put the drink on my dad’s tray and it fell! they gave more food to pay for it.

  9. Joey Sm

    I can relate to three things. The first one is that i always think something is under my bed and I always say to myself if I put my feet down it will attack me. The second one is my zaidy sometimes pinches my cheeks. The third one is once I was at the mall eating and my dad got his food and I was getting my food and they put the drink on my dad’s tray and the tray fell. But after they gave us our food back.


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