November 21

Live Blogging – The Château Laurier Debate

In Social Studies we are thinking about the role of stakeholders in decisions that get made in a city. We first worked on identifying who potential stakeholders may be, and students are now preparing their debates. The issue: the Château Laurier expansion.

The groups made their opening statements. Here are the jot notes from the first round:

The are now working hard on their rebuttals.











Let’s hear what they came up with:


Want to learn more about this issue? We had a look at this article to help us understand it better. We’d love to hear your thoughts! What do you think about the expansion design? Which stakeholder’s perspective do you agree with? Do you have any other thoughts or opinions to share?



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2 thoughts on “Live Blogging – The Château Laurier Debate


    You brought up some great issues and it really is a complicated issue. People in Ottawa have very passionate feelings about it.! think it’s great that you’re being aware of local events in our community. Well done grade five!


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