September 12

Monday in Grade 5!

Every Monday we start the day with a Monday Meeting. This meeting includes a few things…


Every second week each student has a classroom job. Jobs include a tech manager, lunch manager, clean up crew, paper passer, supply manager and teacher assistant. Later in the year, we will decide on new jobs for the class based on what we see fit.

Building Community Question 

We then discuss a new question every week that allows us to get to know each other and build community. For example, our question today was ‘What is your favorite outdoor activity or game?’

Rose, Thorn & Bud

Students are then welcome to share a rose, thorn and bud from the previous weekend or from another time. A rose is a highlight, a success, or something positive that happened. A thorn is a challenge experienced, or something you can use some support with. A bud is a new idea or something you are looking forward to.

It is a great way to start our day, come together as a group and support each other through the positives and the negatives!