March 19

What a month these two days have been!

Thank goodness it’s Pyjama Day tomorrow!  Bitmoji Image

We have finished Day 2 of our new Distance Learning program. It has had its tricky moments, but from my perspective, it has been amazing. I’m so impressed with how engaged the students are, how quickly they’ve gotten into the flow of our new routines, and how they are all owning their own learning. We even had a dance party!!

If you have any pictures to share, please add them to the comments! We’d love to see what their “classroom” looks like these days.

We’ve already learned so much, and we’re still working out the kinks. Hopefully tomorrow will run smoother than today and so on. We are obviously limited to what we can see and hear from this side of the computer screen, though. So if you haven’t already, please fill out this feedback form to help us make any necessary tweaks for next week.

Here’s the slideshow the students and I went through, so you have a better sense of what the expectations are and how we hope this will all work.

Here’s to another great day of learning tomorrow!


March 18

Reading Strategy – Connecting

According to Adrienne Gear, a proficient reader doesn’t just decode the words on the page, but they engage and interact with the text by:

  • making connections;
  • visualizing;
  • asking questions;
  • making inferences;
  • determining importance;
  • analyzing and synthesizing;
  • monitoring their comprehension;

Each week of our distance learning (and when we get back to school), we will be focusing on a new reading strategy. During DEAR time, you have an activity to complete once you’ve finished your minimum of 20 minutes of reading.


This week we are focusing on CONNECTING.

When we connect with a story, we’re able to make sense of what we’re reading because it brings up memories for us. We may think about people, places and feelings that we associate with those memories.

Comment below with a connection you made after watching this video.

March 17

Grade 5 core French le 18 mars Chanson/vidéo/paroles=lyrics

Unscramble theses lyrics from the beginning: be ready to share orally in next live class.

This first part is talking.

siècle 16ème le

coins 4 de des l’Europe

gigantesques partent  conquête de à la voiliers

navires a des bord ces de hommes

rêve d’aventure avides de et d’espace


This part is singing

soleil enfants du

la terre, le ciel parcours tu

chemin cherches ton

ta c’est vie, ton c’est destin

March 15

Things From School

Good evening Grade 5,

What a crazy couple of days it’s been! I hope you’re all safe at home and had a restful weekend. The next few weeks will be interesting for us all, and more information will be coming about this week, but for now, I just wanted to offer a little information for tomorrow. First, there is nothing you NEED from the classroom, so if you can’t come, don’t worry!

If you are able to come to school tomorrow, here are a few things I recommend you take:

– a math textbook

– your general studies binder

– a book or two (or more) from our classroom library

And if you have some extra space…

– your snow pants and other outdoor winter gear that you don’t need in your locker

– your Innovation Day project board

– any old lunches or snacks that shouldn’t be left for the next 5 weeks in your locker 😜

Speak to you all very soon!
Mrs. Thompson