November 7

Homework – November 7, 2018

  1. Problem of the week due Friday Nov. 9
  2. Writer’s Workshop Wednesday due Tues. Nov. 13
  3. Math test – Patterning. Here is the test outline.


  • You can find many review sheets and problems here.
  • There are also many useful websites to practice:

IXL Math

Khan Academy 

  • Another option is to borrow a textbook from school and practice from the chapter review.
  • Finally, re-watching the patterning videos on EdPuzzle can be helpful.


October 9

Our First Test – Homework Oct. 9, 2018

Next week we will have our first Math test. Test taking is a skill just like anything else. It is important that as students, we continue to think about who we are as learners, what we need to do to best prepare for the test, and what tools we will need in order to be successful.

Here is the outline for the test, describing exactly what students need to know. At the bottom of the page you will find study suggestions. The most important thing is that EVERYONE should be practicing, no matter what. We all have different extra curricular activities, so how and when we study will depend on the child. A good trick is to take out a calendar, and decide when you will practice which skill, so that it is not overwhelming for the day before the test. I suggest starting with the most difficult concept in case there are any questions that need to be answered.

Students will be provided with lots of review sheets to practice at home, and we will also be continuing to review in class.


  1. Math test – Tuesday, October 16
  2. POW – due Friday, October 12
September 28

Homework September 28

  1. Problem of the Week – due Friday Oct. 5 (please keep self-evaluating. It’s helpful for me to get your problems just right for you!)
  2. Writer’s Workshop Wednesday – Due Wednesday Oct. 3 (topic: tell your Ottawa Tornado story)
  3. Social Studies quiz on the provinces and territories – Thursday Oct. 4 MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT ON THE BLOG POST HOW YOU WILL BE STUDYING AND WHAT YOUR QUIZ WILL LOOK LIKE

Shabbat Shalom!

Mrs. Thompson

September 11

Knowing Me Knowing You

Shana Tova to all!

I hope you all had a lovely chag with your families.

One of my resolutions, as well as my professional goal for this year, is to personalize the learning in our classroom so that each student is getting exactly what they need in order to be successful. Over the next few weeks we will begin that journey by having each student identify what kind of learner they are, and understanding what that looks like for them inside a classroom. We are incredibly fortunate to have Sharon Reichstein, OJCS’ Director of Special Needs, coming into our class to run these workshops. I will post pictures and updates, so stay tuned!

Another step in this process is students assessing their own understanding and communicating that information to me so that I can best tailor the work to them. Last week the students received their first Problem on the Week (POW). At the front of their folder is a recording sheet. In addition to writing the date, title, and finding their score once it’s been corrected, students need to fill out the Level of Understanding column using the levels indicated at the bottom of the sheet.


Problem solving is a skill like anything else that requires practice. However, you can’t practice running before you’ve ever learned to walk. Therefore, I want to make sure that students are getting problems each week that are challenging but solvable! The more honest they are in their self-assessment, the more successful they will be each week, and the more confident they will feel. This may be new and uncomfortable for some, as we (wrongly) feel that admitting we are struggling with something implies that we aren’t smart. My hope is that by the end of the year, every student will not only be able to honestly assess their own learning, but will feel comfortable and safe to share that in our classroom so that we can all support each other.

Until this self-assessment becomes second nature, please support your child in making honest assessments of themselves. It is the key to our successful year of them getting to know themselves so that I can get to know them.

Shana Tova again.

Mrs. Thompson