November 11

Grade 5B – Neurographic Art

Morah Shira continues to work so hard behind the scenes, creating and sharing wonderfully diverse, Art lessons for teachers to deliver. In Grade 5, we have been experimenting with Neurographic Art (Please check out the Art blog to find out more or ask your child!) Here 5B are enjoying the mindful drawing. Their creations are simply beautiful! Next step, we added colour… Watch this space!



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6 thoughts on “Grade 5B – Neurographic Art

  1. mayaj1

    Hello Miss.M, I really liked this post about Neurographic art,I loved how we can zoom in on the pictures to get a closer look. I liked hoe there even were pictures!With the pictures it make much more sense!

  2. eliyar

    Hi Miss.M thanks for sharing these images on the blog its good to see these images from some of the class so I can inprove my art work.


  3. callie

    Hi missM, I think it’s really nice how Morah Shira is still helping with the art even if she isn’t physicaly there. Do you enjoy helping 5B with the art? I really like your post.


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