September 29

Homework Update!

Hello, Grade 5 students and families,

Now that we have settled (almost!) into our new normal, homework will commence this week. Students will be coming home today with their first homework assignments in their new homework folders. (If you are learning from home, it will be shared with you digitally.)

At the beginning of each week, we will send home your homework folder. Inside you will find various activities related to concepts we are learning in school, reviewing skills, and providing additional practice. These activities will be personalized, so what you find in one folder may not be the same as someone else’s.

There will be some similarities, though. Each student will receive a  reading log for you to keep track of at home Hebrew, English, and French reading (It is expected that students read for a minimum of 20 minutes total each night in one language or a combination. These 20 minutes are not counted towards homework minutes, according to our homework policy). If you need some help finding ‘Just Right’ books, here’s a list of books we recommend for Grade 5. Additionally, you can use the Library portal to search for books, and place them on hold to be delivered by Brigitte. Here’s a whole post explaining how the library will work this year.

Depending on what we are seeing in students’ writing, we may send home targeted spelling, grammar or punctuation practice, to develop specific skills. We have included a COPS Checklist, as all written work should be edited before being considered complete.

Students will also receive a Problem of the Week. These are meant to be challenging! But, as was mentioned at Back to School Night, they should not be so challenging that they lead to tears and frustration. If this happens, simply put the problem aside, and let your teacher know. We will adjust the level for the following week so that thinking is required, but a solution is achievable.

Finally, there will also be a math skills practice specific to our in-class learning which will help towards our weekly math skills quiz/exit tickets every Friday.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Miss M and Mrs. Thompson


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