September 13

One Week Down…

We made it through week 1…and it’s been great!

Whether students were learning from home or in school, and teachers were teaching in the classroom, Israel or asynchronously, we have been getting to know each other, building community, learning new routines, and slowly but surely getting into the swing of “going forward at OJCS.”

As you may be aware already, this class blog will serve as our main mode of communication to you and to our students. We will share exciting things happening within the classroom, samples of student work, homework, and general thoughts for discussion. With that, let’s do a quick tour to make sure you are familiar with how best to use this space.

First, in order to ensure you never miss an update, you can subscribe to receive email updates whenever something new is posted. To do this, scroll down on the main page just under the yellow Pages menu, where you will see a section to subscribe by email.

Simply type in your email address, click subscribe, and you will then receive a confirmation email. That’s it! Now you will always know when something new is posted.

If you have any questions or comments about any of our posts, please feel free to comment directly within the blog, if you feel it’s appropriate. We would love to make our blog come alive with discussion and commentary!

Should you want to navigate through the blog on your own, the main page will always show the most recent posts at the top. Alternatively, you can navigate through the blog using the categories. These are found just below the subscribe button, and you can click on any category to filter which posts you see.

With the reality of the world and the new COVID-19 policies the school has put in place (read them all in the Parent Handbook, page 19-20), it is likely that students will be spending extended periods of time at home, but may be well enough to continue their learning. Whenever students are learning from home, they are expected to follow along with our Distance Learning schedule. There will be times when they will be live with their teachers and classmates through Google Meet, and other times when they may have tasks to complete independently. If and when this scenario arises for you, the distance schedules can all be found under the Grade 5 Distance Learning Schedule menu link.

We are looking forward to what is sure to be a year like no other…and we can’t wait to go through it in collaboration with all of you!

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