February 24

Reminder – Innovation Day is March 5th

As I mentioned in my post about Innovation Day, students have been hard at work on their various projects. Some have chosen to work as a group, others individually, but no matter the pairing, the projects are all amazing. Don’t believe me? Come see for yourself!

On Thursday March 5th, from 8:45 – 9:30 you are invited to come into our class and see the amazing projects the students have been working on. They have all been following the Scientific Method in some manner, specifically by conducting research before beginning their work. Whether they are learning about a topic of interest, developing a new innovative product, or testing a hypothesis, they will all have something interesting to share.

As scientists, our work is never fully complete, and we are always asking questions and taking our learning through a cycle of processes. You may see projects in different phases of learning, and we would love to get your thoughts and feedback to help guide future studies!

We will be sure to document our learning, take lots of pictures, and blog about it both on our class blog and on individual student blogs. Therefore, if you are not able to join us on Thursday, don’t worry! We will still have plenty to virtually share with you.


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2 thoughts on “Reminder – Innovation Day is March 5th

  1. Jon Mitzmacher

    Looking forward to seeing all the creativity and innovation on display next week! For those parents, or guests, who wish to provide you with the “thoughts and feedback” you are asking for, do you have a preferred method?

    Can’t wait to see what your students have dreamed up!

    1. melissathompson (Post author)

      Excellent question! Students will be coming up with their own questions to which they’d like feedback on. We will have QR codes guiding viewers to their feedback forms.


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