December 19

Students Hebrew presentations about Hanukah

This week the students presented Hebrew presentations to our class about Hanukah customs.
Each presentation covered a portion of what we learned about Hanukah. The presentations answered questions such as What is a Kosher Hanukiah? What are the blessings we bless on the first day and all the days afterwards? When should we light the candles? Where do we place the Hannukiah? and Why? for how long should the candles burn? What are the traditional foods? What were the miracles? Who were the Maccabees? What do we celebrate?… and more.

Most students presented in Hebrew, reading texts they made. Students also shared their favourite Hanukah songs with the class.

A big Kol HaKavod to the class, for making presentations in Hebrew! and for an excellent understanding of Hanukah customs.

Dr. Sagy


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