September 6

First steps in Hebrew – צעדים ראשונים בעברית

גם המסע הארוך ביותר מתחיל עם צעדים ראשונים
Even the longest journey starts with first steps

For our new Hebrew students and anyone who need some practice.
The following are links to Alef Beit songs that will help you learn the name and some sounds related to each Hebrew letter.
First the classic: this is an Israeli song that each and every child learn and sing in Israel:

and now to the tool that could let you recite the Alef Beit within 10 days (usually).
All you need to do is listen to it 2 times a day and sing along with it!
There is Jewish wisdom that says: the shy will not learn … אין הבישן למד ואין הקפדן מלמד…
Do not be shy to sing it aloud, it’s pure fun!

Looking forward to listening to you in class!
Dr. Sagy

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