November 27

OJCS Reading Challenge

There is an incredible initiative that has been started by Brigitte, our creative librarian, to challenge all classes to set reading goals and work towards achieving them. In order to set realistic goals for ourselves, grade 5 has decided to set monthly goals and then reassess after each month to see if our goal was reasonable. We may need to adjust up or down as we go along. With a bit of a head start, our goal for December is to read 30 books as a class…and we’re well on our way!

These books can be in any language, on any topic. Brigitte has even created a categories list in case you need some inspiration for choosing a book.


Once you’ve read a book, there are a few things you can to do.

1. Let Mrs. Thompson know so we can add to our “data window.”

2. Fill out a review of the book on the library web page

3. Add a video review to our class flipgrid (you need to be signed in to your email)

4. Complete an Accelerated Reading Quiz.


Stay tuned for the last week of December to see how we did. You never know, there may also be some “tasty treats” up my sleeve for then…


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