October 28

Genius Hour

Last week the students were introduced to Genius Hour. We started by watching two short videos (1 and 2) and this week we will be moving on to narrowing down our project choice, pitching it to the class, and then getting started. I am so excited to be doing this project with the students, and I think they are too! This project is completely passion driven and gives students the opportunity to learn about something they’ve always wanted to learn.

Here are some websites to help you brainstorm project ideas. The possibilities are really endless…all you need to think about is, “What interests me?” However seeing what other people have done in the past can be helpful in getting your brain turning. Sometimes, it’s also helpful to write down as many ideas that come to mind and slowly eliminate options until you are left with the best one! (If using the linked document, make sure to make a copy so you can edit)

If you come across any other useful links, please post them in the comments! Maybe parents can share their own passions and things they wish they had the time to explore to help us as we decide on our topics.

Grade 5 Project examples

One student’s project mixing two passions (candy and website building)

Scroll to the bottom of this page for ideas



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