October 15

Calling all Class Representatives!

Photo by Parker Johnson on Unsplash

Have you ever had an idea or heard your classmates talk about something and say, “I wish there was something I could do about this.”? Do you ever participate in the amazing activities our Knesset puts on and think, “I want to be part of THAT!”?

Well, your opportunity is here! This week, you can run for the grade 5 Class Representative. Here’s what you need to know to decide if you think you’re up for the job:

  • Class representatives are expected to attend 1-2 meetings a month at lunch and recess time
  • Class representatives must be good listeners who listen to the ideas of their classmates
  • Class representatives must be comfortable talking in front of groups and sharing ideas with the rest of the Knesset
  • Class representatives share Knesset updates with their classmates
  • Class representatives help organize Knesset activities (which means you sometimes don’t get to participate in the same way your classmates do)
  • Class representatives promote ruach in the school
  • Class representatives are positive role models

Do I still have your attention? If you’re interested in running for class rep, you can create posters to hang in our classroom (must be approved by Mrs. Thompson first) You will also need to write a 60-90 second speech about why you want to be the class representative (must be shown to Mrs. Thompson by Thursday Oct. 18) All speeches will be done in class on Friday, October 19th, after which we will vote!


Looking forward to a great election!



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