September 5

Building our Learning Community

Day two has come and gone, and it was just as successful as day one! We’re still learning our routines and new procedures, but who says we can’t have fun at the same time?

Group work is never easy, but today we spent lots of time discovering the importance of listening to others, working together, and finding similarities and differences that can be used to our advantage. We also did a fun, albeit messy, activity involving toothpaste and toothpicks. Want to know more? Check out the pictures below and ask your child what they learned? This discussion will no doubt be helpful to them as they write their reflection on this activity (due Friday). This is the first opportunity the students have to show me what their writing looks like. My message to them: take your time, be thoughtful, longer is not always better but you should include all your thoughts completely, and EDIT!) You also need to look through the Grade 5 Contract (which can be found in the Procedures and Expectations) and sign the back page, to be returned to school tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Thompson


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