June 7

Science Quiz – June 13

We will be having a science quiz on Wednesday June 12, reviewing the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Here’s what you need to know:

Respiratory System:

  • Vocabulary (trachea, right lobe, left lobe, bronchioles, bronchus, alveoli)
  • Be able to label these on a diagram
  • What happens in the bronchus, bronchioles and alveoli?

Circulatory System:

  • How does blood move through our body and in what direction.
  • What does blood carry?
  • 4 main components of blood (plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets)


All the information you need is on the sheets in your Science Notebook.

March 29

Scholastic Book Fair!


Next week we will be having our Scholastic Book Fair! We are so excited to get to see all the new and exciting books Scholastic has to offer. This is an amazing opportunity for students to choose their ‘Just Right’ books to read over the Passover Holiday!

Our class will be visiting the fair on Wednesday, April 3, from 2:25 – 3:05. If you would like to buy something then, please remember to bring in some money.

Parents are also encouraged to pop into the book fair before and after school- it opens at 8:00AM and closes at 5:00PM (4:30PM on Friday). During those times you can walk around with your child, maybe even choose a book you’d like to read together. You can also check out the Teacher Wish Lists or make a donation to buy new books for our school. If the weekdays don’t work well for you, feel free to come on in on Sunday April 7, from 12PM to 4PM

Hope to see you all there!

February 25

Full STEAM ahead!

Welcome back!

I hope you all enjoyed the week off. We had a busy Monday and are in full swing with STEAM Fair and all other exciting things happening over the next few weeks.

Here is the homework for this week:

  1. POW due Friday March 1
  2. Sign Math quiz
  3. Choose a picture from our day with Scientists in the school (from this folder) that you feel is a good representation of your learning. Remember, a picture alone is not evidence of learning enough. You may need to add text, a paragraph, a few pictures together, a video, or any other idea you have to PROVE that you have learned something. Please share your picture(s) with Mrs. Thompson by Friday March 1
  4. We will be spending the next week working on STEAM Fair in class. In order to keep everyone on track, we will be completing all our research by Wednesday afternoon. If you would like to work on this at home as well before then, you are welcome to do some research at home on the Bionic Body part you’ve chosen. Here is a link to the folder with all the important information should you need it.
  5. Please bring in any materials you may need for your model by Thursday. We will be starting to build and design that day.
  6. If you would like to place a Scholastic order for February, you can still do so up until Wednesday. You can always place your order online if you’d prefer.


Parents, please make note that STEAM Fair will be on Thursday, March 7,  from 8:45-9:30 am in our class. We would love for you to come and see the amazing projects we are working on.

Additionally, our grades 6-8 STEAM Fair is seeking 10 judges. If you or someone you know, who is in the field of science, mathematics, engineering, art or technology, is interested in volunteering their time on Thursday, March 7, for about 2 – 2.5 hours, please let Ellie Kamil know in the front office (e.kamil@theojcs.ca). A light breakfast will also be served.

January 8

Ivrit – Grade 5 Guest post by Ben C.

After learning about places in Jerusalem 0ur grade 5 Ivrit class is building a model of Jerusalem made out of cardboard boxes. We are in need of small boxes and different recycled materials to make our model of Jerusalem. Please, if you have paper towel rolls or empty kleenex boxes and/or any other boxes we would appreciate if send it to us.

Have a great rest of your week!


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October 16

Traveling Across the Country

Who says you need to get on an airplane to travel across the country? Thanks to Canadian Geographic Education, we got to experience the map of Canada like never before.

And what was even better (in my opinion) was that students were able to identify how this activity would benefit a visual and kinesthetic learner! Love how this is becoming more and more a part of their vocabulary and how they are starting to make choices for themselves to use the tools they need to be their best.