March 27

“Building the city of Jerusalem” – Kita 5 Ivrit

Grade 5 Ivrit students have been learning about Jerusalem; her places, it’s history, the different people that live there and the religions that are practiced in Jerusalem and much more. To conclude the unit and before moving on to learning about Yam Hamelach (the Dead Sea), students were very busy building a small model of Jerusalem. As you can see, the model of Jerusalem turned out beautifully!

January 16

A special request – בקשה

Dear Parents,
 Purim is coming up soon and Middle School is preparing a carnival and we are looking for small prizes to provide students. If you have any gently used toys, small gifts, “chachkas” or anything that you think a child would enjoy to choose as a prize, please send in your items to your child’s homeroom teacher. We thank you for your support and help in making this year’s Purim festival the best ever!
Grade 5 teachers
November 30

OJCS Hanukkah Celebration

We are looking forward to celebrating with you. Following are details to help you plan your evening:
  • The show will be roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour and will end at around 7:15 pm.
  • The new families will be invited to the front with Rabbi Finkelstein to light the Menorah.
  • All the children are asked to wear shirts or dresses (for the girls) that are colours of a flame (either orange, red or yellow).  
Order for the Hanukkah Show:
  • Opening words from Grade 8
  • New families light Menorah
  • Opening video clip with Dr. Mitzmacher and Mrs. Gordon
  • Video clip by grade 7
  • Skit by grade 5
  • Dance by grade 1
  • Video by grade 6
  • Skit by grade 4
  • Dance from Kindergarten
  • A song by grade 3
  • Dance by grade 2
  • Staff video  

See you there.