October 16

Please Join Us! Kabbalat Shabbat

We will be having 4 Family Kabbalat Shabbat experiences, and we would love for you to join us!

Please mark these dates in your calendar:


Grade 5 Family Shabbat:

November 1, 2019 at 2:30 pm

February 28, 2020 at 2:30 pm


Grades K – 5 Family Shabbat:

February 7, 2019 at 2:30 pm

June 12, 2020 at 3:15 pm


Hope to see you there 馃檪

October 11

It鈥檚 Voting Season!

Last week our middle school students ran for various positions on our Knesset (student council). We listened to their speeches and then went through the private voting process.

Today, it was our turn to run! Five well-deserving candidates gave speeches to their peers for the position of Class Representative. It鈥檚 not always easy to speak in front of the class, and they all did a great job! Although there had to be one winner, I was so impressed with the support and camaraderie all the students showed each other.

Next week, as the Canadian population prepares to vote, our students will also have the opportunity to have their voice heard. With grade 5 students at the lead, they have been researching the various parties, their leaders, MP candidates, and platform highlights. They will share this information with students in grades 3-8 on Thursday, October 17th, as the OJCS participates in the Student Vote Canada 2019.聽

We鈥檒l definitely keep you posted on the results. It will be interesting to see how our students feel compared to the rest of Canada!


October 4

Homework – October 4, 2019

Reminder! Math Test on Tuesday, October 8th. See this post for all the details!


If you would like to run for Class Rep for Knesset, please let me know by Monday. You may start bringing in posters for our class starting on Monday. Your speech (1 – 2 minutes MAX) must be shown to me by Thursday.

Speeches will be on Friday, October 11, and we will vote that day as well.


Good luck!!

October 3

The AYT Challenge

Yesterday I learned about Aseret Yemei Teshuva from Dr. Marcovitz. During the 10 days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, we add a special prayer to our daily prayers to remind us to repent and ask for forgiveness. In order to participate in Aseret Yemei Teshuva in our school, we will be having an AYT Challenge, where we will all try to focus on positive speech and refrain from Lashon Harah for at least one hour each school day.

To start us off this morning, here was our whiteboard message:

Since the students didn’t know who they would be choosing, and they didn’t know about the challenge yet, it started off a bit rocky. Some people made faces or noises of disappointment when they looked at the name on their paper. Some people tried to guess who others had based on their reaction. But after our discussion, they realized that these small gestures, that they may think are silent and invisible to others, can still cause harm. They’ve decided that we should do these Kind Word activities every morning! We can all find AT LEAST three kind things to say to each other every day.

How can you bring the idea of Aseret Yemei Teshuva into your home this week? We’d love to hear your ideas!

September 4

Welcome Back!

Dear Grade 5 Families,

We are so excited to be back at school, with such an amazing group of grade 5 students. Some of us are new, some of us have been here before, but altogether, we’re going to be one amazing family!

There are a few things we wanted to point out in this post to start the year off all on the same page, as there have been quite a few new initiatives and policies added this year. Much of this is covered in the Parent Handbook, which you were asked to read, and then sign and return the form to school. If you have not done this yet, please sign it and send it to school with your children ASAP.聽

Additionally, every grade 5 student must have a lock on their locker this year. If your child does not have a lock yet, please send one in with them this week.

Classroom Blog

If you have not subscribed to this blog yet, please do so! The blog is where you can come to read about all the exciting things happening in class, see pictures and videos of students in action, and perhaps even participate in some of our conversations! This is also where all the homework will be posted. If you are subscribed, you won’t need to remember to come check the blog, you’ll get an email update each time a teacher posts something new. To subscribe, simply enter your email under the Subscribe By Email heading on the right sidebar.

Bring Your Own Device

This year we began our soft launch of the Bring Your Own Device initiative at OJCS. An email about this went out in June, however here is a refresher of some of that information. A soft launch means that IF YOU WANT, and IF YOU HAVE a device already at home, students are encouraged to bring it to school with them. At this time, students are NOT required to bring a device to school, and we have plenty of iPads to lend should someone need one. However, next year, for the 2020/2021 school year, all students in grades 4-8 will be required to have a device, so you may want to start thinking about what the best device will be for your child.

As students become the drivers of their education, making room for them to explore areas of personal interest and document their learning will be essential.聽 With every student having access to their own device, they will be able to personalize the tools that work best for them, organize and keep track of their work at school and at home, and better develop Now Literacies.聽 While we leave the choice of which device your child should bring to you, there are some requirements and suggestions we would like to make.









We do understand that some students may prefer tablets/iPads over laptops.聽 We would like to point out, however, that there are some word-processing functions that do not work as well on a tablet (paragraph formatting, spell-check, etc.) 聽Additionally, some web-based programs, such as Edublogs, lose some of their functions when working on tablets.聽 While all devices meet the minimum system requirements/hardware specifications, the school recommends that students beginning in Grade 6 have a laptop device available to maximize their learning experiences.聽 If you choose to proceed with a tablet, here are the device requirements:







Homework Policy

All homework will be posted on the Grade 5 Blog, under the category “Homework”. You simply need to click on this to see any and all homework that has been assigned to the students. We will also be working with students on developing their own systems for tracking their homework, either online or written down.

At the end of last year, teachers and administrators spent time discussing OJCS’s homework philosophy, based on feedback from current research, parents, students and teachers. This resulted in a new Homework Policy, posted to our blog as well.

School Behaviour Protocol

All teachers, administrators, students and parents at The OJCS are expected to follow our North Stars and 7 Habits. Here are a few helpful links to understand this better.

School Expectations

Student Guide

Parent Guide


As always, we are all here to answer any questions, whenever they may come. Looking forward to a fun, exciting year full of learning and growing together.



The Grade 5 Team



June 20

The Home Stretch!

I can’t believe we are less than one week away from ending this incredible school year! A few reminders for the next few fun-filled days.


Friday, June 21, 2019

Dress Down Day! Students can wear their own clothing, but must remember to bring in a loonie or toonie if they want to wear non-uniform clothing. It is our Raptors Day, so if you have Raptors clothing, feel free to wear them! We will also be having our infamous Faculty vs Grade 8 Baseball game. Students will be outside watching this game, so they must come to school with a hat and sunscreen so they will not be uncomfortable sitting in the sun.

At 3:05, we will also be having the K-5 Family Kabbalat Shabbat. If you’re available, please join us in the gym for our final Shabbat of the school year, together.


Monday, June 24, 2019

Field trip to House of Commons, the Senate, and Museum of History. If you have not filled in the permission form, please do so. The form can be found below. We will be dropped off by bus at the House of Commons. We will then walk to the Senate for our second tour. Finally, we will be walking over to the museum where we will be having lunch outside.

Students do not need to wear uniforms, but they still need to follow our dress code. We will be walking a lot, so comfortable clothing and shoes are important. Check the weather in advance so we are all prepared!

Students should bring snacks and lunch, especially those who normally get hot lunch on Mondays. Their lunch will be waiting for them when we get back to school, but they will still need to eat while we are out and about.

If students want to take pictures, especially for the purpose of documenting their learning, and as long as we have permission, they may bring phones or small devices to take pictures.


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

We will be cleaning out our lockers, so please bring one or two large, reusable bags.


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! 12:00 pm dismissal.

Bitmoji Image

If you have any questions, please let me know!




May 28

Too Soon to Say Goodbye

It鈥檚 hard to believe that the year is almost done and we will soon be saying goodbye to our AMAZING shinshinim, Liam and Inbar.

While we will be having a smaller, more intimate goodbye at school (on their last day with us) there is also a community-wide farewell party that we are all invited to at the JCC. We encourage you all to come and join us, as part of our OJCS family, to show our appreciation and support for this wonderful program, which continues to inspire our Jewish journey and provides a direct and meaningful connection to Israel.


Please RSVP to Kara Goodwin


Hope to see you all there!

May 28

A Class Full of Bloggers … and you’re invited to join us!

Our student blogs have been launched and are well on their way! Students have been busy customizing, personalizing, and populating their blogs. They’ve also started to read and comment on each other’s blogs. Please make sure to use the links in the side menu to see what your children and their classmates have been up to. It helps add value for them if you comment, following our commenting rules.


And as always, blogging is not for naught. Please read the letter below, mark your calendars, and let me know if you’ll be able to join us. Don’t worry if not! We will find alternate ways for you to participate and share with us.



March 29

Scholastic Book Fair!


Next week we will be having our Scholastic Book Fair! We are so excited to get to see all the new and exciting books Scholastic has to offer. This is an amazing opportunity for students to choose their ‘Just Right’ books to read over the Passover Holiday!

Our class will be visiting the fair on Wednesday, April 3, from 2:25 – 3:05. If you would like to buy something then, please remember to bring in some money.

Parents are also encouraged to pop into the聽bookfair聽before and after school- it opens at 8:00AM and closes at 5:00PM (4:30PM on Friday). During those times you can walk around with your child, maybe even choose a book you’d like to read together. You can also check out the Teacher Wish Lists or make a donation to buy new books for our school. If the weekdays don’t work well for you, feel free to come on in on Sunday April 7, from 12PM to 4PM

Hope to see you all there!