August 21

Procedures and Expectations

Welcome to Grade 5!


To ensure that this year will be a success for everyone, please be sure to know and understand what you can expect from us as your teachers, what our expectations are for you as a student and the routines of our classroom.  




You can expect out of us, the following:

  • Respect for you as a student and individual.
  • To provide you with study and organizational strategies.
  • Notice of test and assignment due dates (quizzes may be unannounced).
  • Praise and encouragement.


We expect out of you as a student, the following:


  • Respect for us as your teacher (this includes coming to class prepared and on time).
  • Respect for one another as peers.
  • Respect for classroom visitors and substitute teachers.
  • Respect for the classroom and its belongings (this includes keeping your area clean both before, during and after the school day).
  • Complete homework and assignments.
  • To ask for clarification if you do not understand.


Classroom Routines


  • Come to class ready to learn
    • Be seated when the period starts.  If there is no agenda on the board, you should start silent reading (D.E.A.R.).
    • Have a clear desk with only the necessary materials on your desk surface.
    • Bring everything you need for the class.  Organization checks will take place periodically throughout the year.


  • Class Dismissal  
    • The class is dismissed as a whole when everybody’s area and the classroom are ready (clean desk area and clean floors).  


  • Washroom
    • If you need to go to the washroom please raise two fingers in the air.
    • Only one male and one female student may leave to go to the washroom at a time.  


Other Important Information


  • Be prepared
    • Use your schedule in your locker to know which books and materials you need.
    • Homework must be completed and will be checked regularly.  We use a three strikes policy; your parents will be notified by email or phone after three occasions of incomplete homework.  If this behaviour continues there will be further consequences.
    • If there are special circumstances for incomplete homework, you must email your teacher in advance or bring a parent note.


  • Be informed
    • Tests and assignment dates will be announced in class and on the class blog.  Test outlines will be shared in class and digitally.
    • This information will be posted in class and in your agenda.
  • Tests
    • Must be signed by a parent within two days of being returned.
    • If you are aware that you will be missing a test, you must discuss the matter with me as soon as possible so that we can arrange an alternative date.
  • Absence
    • If you know that you will be absent from school, please speak to your teacher in advance.
    • Your first day back from school you are required to ask about missed material and arrange due dates accordingly.  
  • Devices
    • You may bring in your own device to use FOR CLASS WORK ONLY
    • You may not use your devices during Nutrition Breaks or in-door recess unless given permission by a teacher.

Consequences and Rewards


  • Rewards – “Gotchas” will be given out by the teacher when students are “caught” doing great things that positively impact our classroom community.


  • Consequences–If the above expectations are not met, consequences will occur in the following order.  However, in certain cases, steps may be skipped as deemed appropriate by the teacher. Please note, extreme cases can result in a full day of recesses lost, suspension, etc.  


  1. Reminder – the teacher will remind the student that his/her behaviour does not follow the expectations of the school or class.
  2. Warning – if student behaviour has not improved, the teacher will speak to the student privately.
  3. Parent phone call – student will miss recess acknowledging their behaviour and make a plan for change.  The teacher will call home to communicate this to parents.
  4. Recess detention and a second phone call home.
  5. Discussion with an Administrator (Head of School or Vice Principal).